Saturday, June 18, 2011

Journeys – An Interior Designer’s Mind & Week

Oh what a week!  - - And it’s all been good, I should add.  I realize I’ve been dropping back from my usually prolific blog postings, to catching up with: writing, paperwork, design, and gardening on the weekends.  I do promise to share more details of some projects, some gardening, and a few ideas I’m popping into my upcoming newsletter. 

Meanwhile it’s Saturday morning and it’s time for a wee break, some long put off shopping, and a quick visit to the garden.  I’m just going to write as it flows and let the words and thoughts take us where they will.

Join me on the journey of my rambling mind.  I promise we’ll come back, full circle!

Last Sunday

Garden & Beths 009

My friend, Beth Swanson, had her Shopkeeper’s Sunday at Oldtyme Marketplace, which is her fabulous store in Marshville, NC.  As I was perusing through her treasures, I noticed she had added a few sweet new bedding items.  (I’ve got a whole future post to write about her store and the little town of Marshville, in my other blog, Villas and Bungalows.)  I promised I would play the roving reporter and I’ve totally wandered off the path from that.  Coming Soon!

Copy of New Image

Mmmm.  Somehow those pillow labels, (color, shape, pattern), reminded me to follow-up on marketing materials.  Aimee O’Boyle, my trusted designer of all things logo’ish and paper’ish is sending me a “goodie package” with more biz cards, note cards, and marketing bits and pieces.  I’ve also been working on some clever ways to share what I do.  Top secret, for now!


As I was checking Aimee’s paper good items off of my list, (bearing in mind I was thinking of correspondence) . . . Good heavens!  It occurred that my next newsletter needed to be finished as July 4th is around the corner and I didn’t want to miss the boat on sharing holiday-worthy ideas.  These paper pinwheels, from Martha Stewart, came to mind as a jumping off point.  Loved the idea of a fabric story tie in.


So . . . here’s the fabric/pattern tie-in.  Even with all of the mix, not too busy and a fab room concept for a boy’s retreat.  (Pinterest folks have the greatest pics for helping to illustrate a design point.)  A very cool Americana/nautical vibe. 


Did I say nautical?  A reminder that I’m working on updating a bath off of a boy’s room – which we’re also redesigning.  He’s more of a fan of earthy colors so the red, white and blue theme doesn’t have a thing to do with the price of eggs in China, but I’ve got to select a new faucet and tub/shower fittings.  This American Standard design, Moments Monoblock, would offer a streamlined approach to filling his sink.


Oh, and did I mention “streamlining”?

By mid-week, I was working with clients who are scaling back on the size of their living quarters, but not pulling back at all on the details of their design plan.  They are keeping some of their favorite pieces of art, such as the hand-colored botanicals, below.

Lee GR & DR brd

This couple wanted to lighten their load of responsibilities, travel more, and enjoy an open living concept.  Open floor concepts do take a little extra consideration, in tying all of the elements together.  I think we figured out how to multipurpose the furniture pieces, pretty well. 

All of my clients’ furniture ponderings catapulted the inspiration for a blog story for Hooker Furniture . . .

“Keep The ‘Wow’ Factor in Small Living Spaces”


I featured their new Moccato Collection Buffet and Hutch.  Be sure to click on the article’s link, above, to read the rest of the story.  You can also register to win an ingenious multi-functional cocktail table!  It’s so exciting to be among a team of talented folks, as we share clever ways to incorporate the HF Collection into your homes.  Pretty soon, I’ll be asking some of my talented interior designer friends to share their favorite pieces, too!

Full Circle 

At the end of the week, I met with Kathy Bragg, the Executive Director of the Union County Community Shelter.  (I wrote a previous post – “Giving Shelter”, if you would like to learn more about this project.)  We, along with some staff members, visited a local building supply company, in order to see what resources might be available, as well as to gather financial data to share in an upcoming committee meeting. 

Based on some stock cabinetry and materials, I did a quick schematic of how we might take the current kitchen to this:

UCCS Kitchen 1

From this:

UCCS Shelter Pics 031

We’ve got a long wish list but we also know -  “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  (Laozi)

Eventually, I think we’ll come full circle.

Have the best weekend!  I’m off to the garden! ~ Wanda

Garden & Beths 023


Sally J said...

You think like I do! We'll get to the point eventually, right? I think one of the reasons we love what we do is because it's so diverse and different every day. There's always something to inspire the next project or idea for a client. Sounds like you're having a great time! Have a restful weekend and rejuvenate!

Stitchfork said...

What a full week! Great photos and love the red/white/blue room and also spy a monogram there. Happy gardening! I grow weeds very well!
xo Cathy - newest follower