Monday, June 6, 2011

Outdoor Living – Navigating Navy

When the mercury begins climbing, it’s time to reach for something cool in the color palette.  Shades of blue are always a great place to start.

Imagine my delight when I received a note from B. Berger,today, with clippings of their latest Terraces Indoor-Outdoor Collection.  It’s called Bella Dura and the seven new exclusive patterns are:  stain resistant, water repellant, bleach cleanable, and antimicrobial . . . a nice way of saying they won’t become “grody” after many seasons of outdoor living.

Of course, if you prefer your hues of blue to be a bit deeper than the sky, navy makes for a good diving off point.  Even the name, ‘navy’, evokes nautical images.  To prevent that concept from taking your imagination down a theme-park path, take a look at my inspiration collage for some other ways to consider:

BBerger Fabrics

Chic, cool, and right on course.

See you portside! ~ Wanda

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