Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pruning To Grow – The Garden & Life

Our NC gardening season seems to have been quickly catapulted from Spring to Summer.  Tomato vines are full of green globes, a few little pickling cucumbers haven been plucked, and the flower gardens have fairly well matured.  In fact, it’s been time to really prune back to allow for new growth.  It’s all about what we gardeners call “dead-heading” or getting rid of spent flowers or growth, which will have no future opportunity for a “resurrection”.  It allows the plant’s energy to be put back into the new buds or sprouts.  In some cases, it’s to remove larger leaves in order to allow the tender shoots beneath receive a direct blessing from the sun.

Garden 016

(We’ve been keeping the hydrangeas happy and this is our reward!)

This morning, while I was tending to the joy of pruning . . . and meaning ‘joy’ in the most sincerest of ways . . . I was reminded of how fruitful the results of the process can be in our lives, as well.  When actions, things, and even relationships aren’t producing positive results or emotions, it might be time to get the clippers out.

Pruning 011

(A snippet of this and a snippet of that make for a lovely bouquet.  Hydrangea, Mint, Angelonia, Coreopsis, Cone Flowers, Coleus, and Oregano.)

Pruning 019

(Extra Mint clippings will be refrigerated for future iced tea flavoring and will make for a heavenly scent when the fridge door is opened.)

I suppose one of the reasons I love gardening so much, other than some of the obvious aspects beauty, is how the process is so applicable to life and, if you pay attention, there are many lessons to be learned.  It also brings inspiration to my daily design practice as it provides primers in planning, tending to the details, and patience.  (Not to mention stunning color palettes and patterns!) 

Pruning 002

I’m so glad I’ve spent this year, “pruning to grow”.  It’s always a process but the results have fashioned for some nice arrangements!


“Interior design is my passion and enterprise, writing is my connection, and gardening is my therapy.”  All my best to you! ~ Wanda

(Images from Wanda S. Horton)


Southern Chateau said...

Lovely post, Wanda. Very meaningful and true. You are a girl after my own heart in your approach to life and your design business. Always enjoy your writing.

Silver Magpies said...

What a beautiful lacecap hydrangea! Hydrangea are on my top 5 list of plants/flowers. The order of 1-5 rotates depending on what is in bloom at the moment!