Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Best of A Design Show – Part I

The registration reminder for the upcoming fall High Point Furniture Market just dusted my mailbox.  It’s not until October but it’s definitely worth putting on my calendar as a “must attend” event.  During the spring market, I took photos of bits and pieces of collections and I realized I had not shared many of them with you.  How forgetful of me!

It’s always fun to see how spot on my observations of what was trending then is still fast forwarding now.  It often takes six months, or until the next market, for new items to be available to ship.  For consumers, it’s brand new excitement.  For designers, it’s the excitement of finally being able to get our hands on what first enticed us.

So much affects home product design.  Most certainly, the current runway fashions play an important aspect and theater or film can make an impact, too.  There is also the consumer directive for function and for capturing lifestyle modes.  It’s a world where fantasy and the familiar collide into a choice for almost anything you could desire!

Here is Part I – Best of A Design Show:

HP S2 2011

HP S 2011

HP S 3 2011

Why care about trends?  It’s good to have an idea if you’re following a short-lived fluke or creating a course for many years of appreciation.  If you are able to re-do your home, year after year, it’s a fun form of design entertainment.  If you need to be more cautious with your investments, you’ll want to have an idea of the longevity of your selections.

If you noticed, most of the items in this post might be considered neutral.  Some are polished while others are loved by time. 

Coming next?  Color!

All my best! ~ Wanda

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