Thursday, July 21, 2011

Building The Classic Bath

I just had a nice phone visit with one of my favorite clients!  As we’re moving along to other home design projects, we discussed completing an upper level family space, adjacent to a recently remodeled guest bathroom.  Bless her! This is the third bathroom in which we’ve interrupted some of the daily function – not counting a powder bath!  I think, with each settling of the dust clouds, she and her family members feel they’ve received a newly refreshed space for, well, refreshing!

The connected upper living level was not yet under consideration at the time of the bath remodel.  Also, next to this bath was a bedroom dedicated to hosting precious little granddaughters who frequently visit.  It had been designed in pink and green.  My design concept for the bath was to keep it classic, a little retro, and with open options for future colors and accents.  (As an aside . . . in the midst of the remodel, one of the granddaughters announced she was ready to give up her green and pink phase for blue!  I’m expecting purple won’t be too far down the road.)  A designer’s challenge, for certain!  :)

Here is the completed bath, sans a few accents.  It’s all clean, fresh, and ready for any color of the rainbow!

WSH Client Bath

Retro tile, clean cabinet lines, and lots of crisp white surrounds.  I had my decorative painter add several bands of pearlized paint to prevent a sterile look and to add a dramatic backdrop without it becoming too static.


A little curve juxtaposed with soft angles.  Yin and Yang.  I just couldn’t picture an oval sink bowl in the counter.


The bath has a shower, only.  I’ll get better pics to share when we’re totally done with accents.  This is the close-up of the plumbing fixture style.


I can’t help but to think of a honeycomb with this tile design.  We used a charcoal-colored grout to make maintenance a breeze!


The shower wall received a brick lay, subway design.  We added an architectural style tile molding for depth.  It was also done in white.

IMG_20100916_162614 (3)

Our inspiration for the cabinet base was a simple, Shaker design panel.  It’s a great transition between a modern and traditional design.


The vanity lights were also influenced by a marriage of angles and curves.  In a well-designed room, it’s important to pay attention to how shapes complement one another.  In a small bath, don’t go overboard with too many elements.  Your eye won’t know where to land as there will be too much visual information to process.  The idea is to create a flow and perception of space.

Stout Katherine's Bath

Moving right along . . .  I suspect we might have a little more dust in the future!  I like to call it “pixie dust”! 

Sprinkling designer magic your way! ~ Wanda


Stitchfork said...

Love the bands of pearlized paint! Brilliant!
xo Cathy

Nick @ Cupboards said...

Those walls are fierce! Great decision to go with the paint effects... Made all the difference!