Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Divine Divide For Room Design

Oh how we love the feeling of open space!  That is until we need to find a little nook or corner for privacy.  An overscaled room can sometimes lack the feeling of intimacy.  In some cases, the area may not be terribly large, as in loft style living, so it’s even more important to define pockets for function or activity.  Corners would also benefit with some sort of backdrop or softening.

What’s your solution?  Consider a room divider or screen!  They have always been a great design solution and they add an element of unique style, while an playing off other furnishings. 

I prefer to custom-create designs for my clients so a perfect fit will be achieved, as well as the finishes and patterns.  Scale, color, texture, and style are all important when incorporating large accents into a room.  Your options are only limited by the imagination.

Here are some inspirational interior images and sources:

1st dibbs MA Jones divider

Mary Ann Jones Antiques - Black Wood Room Divider/Screen

Pure confection from Joss & Main!

Bamboo & Rattan Circles In Squares Three Panel  Screen

Assemblage – 1960’s Rattan 3 Panel Divider- 1stdibs

A great idea!  Hinging doors gives a weighted presence and allows for light to flow.  I’ll bet you could find something similar at your local Habitat ReStore location.  I would probably paint mine in orange or red!  (Image – Pinterest)

Pair of  Matching 1940's Screens

Pierre Anthony – Pair of 1940’s Fruitwood & Ebony Room Dividers – 1stdibs

I loved this upholstered screen shown on the Calico Corners’ site!  It’s also a great example of how a layered room should be completed in total.  If you cover up the screen and take away the rug, imagine your disappointment if a designer delivered just the furniture and window treatments.  It would be a nice area but the major ‘pop’ would be lacking.  I can almost 100% guarantee more money would be eventually spent on tsotchkes in effort to make up for the one or two magnificent pieces that could properly flesh out the space.  The moral to this story?  Focus your design dollars where they will count the most. 

Need help “dividing and conquering” in your home?  I’m a phone call away!

All my best!



Sally J said...

I love a screen! In these open concept homes, they are a great resource for separating a space without closing it off. Love the gold circles!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Hi Wanda - all screens are beautiful and I think they add great personality to a room. I would love to acquire the 3rd one, stunning. Have yourself a lovely weekend!

Deb : )