Sunday, July 10, 2011

An Interior “Staycation”

Even though I’ve been on “vacation”, since before the weekend of July 4th, my mind never completely stops.  I’ve always got about fifty irons in the fire.  *smile*

Just in case you have a few minutes to share, here is a quick recap of my “staycation”.  Nothing like the French Riviera or a wilderness adventure, but it was just my cup of tea!

I did get a little writing in.  Hooker Furniture published my post:  “How to Vacation at Home”

Dune and Beach

I was inspired by one of my favorite nearby escapes, Kiawah Island, SC.  Time to think about heading back!

Horton Kiawah Morning

I took this photo, a couple of years ago.  Whenever I feel a bit stressed, I pull it up and imagine the salt-breezes.  Ahhh!  It always makes me feel refreshed!

RAYURE Awning Stripe Pillow Cover

I managed to pop in a post at my other blog, Villas and Bungalows.  Thinking of writing pillow workorders prompted my desire for “Pillow Gratification”.  Pop on over and you’ll see why!

62511 048

I also took a little time to look for practical flooring solutions for the Union County Community Shelter Project.  Trying to find it at reasonable pricing and with a durable finish, while keeping it warm and inviting has been a good challenge for this designer.  (Have to be mindful of messy weather and lots of foot traffic, while being easy to maintain.)  The good news is that things are moving along and the shelter is getting great support from our community.  There has been a PayPal account set up so if you would like to make a donation, you can sidemark it for “shelter updating”.  Go to  for more info.  Eventually, we’ll also need some strong helpers to move furniture, as well as some steady hands for painting.  More to come on that!


The garden got a little extra attention.  Magnum, one of our standard dachshunds, decided to monitor my progress!


Except for the heat, I could just lose myself in the garden.  Early mornings are my ‘sanctuary’ time.  Even then, textures and colors inspire me for design projects.


(My favorite toy?  My Canon G-12)

I tried to learn a bit more about using my camera.  Some pics were pretty good . . . others . . . well let’s just say my photographer, Whitney Gray, has nothing to worry about!

7211 052

(After many tries with setting ISO, aperture, etc., etc.  Where’s that manual, again?)

I just love how Whitney captures images and settings.  In browsing through some of her shots, it made me realize how fast the seasons come and go.  Wistful moments.

Early summer on her family farm.  Magnificent!

Just a couple of more months and we’ll be hanging up the beach towels.

Football season - Coming soon to a hometown near you.

The holidays will be around the corner before we know it!

Why is it, when we’ve got temps in the ‘melting’ range, we dream of future days of the frosty stuff?

I agree with Whitney’s dog, Petey . . . Enough all ready!  There are still more summer days and naps ahead.

Hope you’re having a wonderful time! ~ Wanda


Nick @ Cupboards said...

The Kiawah color card is perfection, Wanda. I'm very pro-staycation, and find myself doing some rearranging just create a sense of a new space for a long weekend at home. Almost like relaxing in new place!

Silver Magpies said...

Wanda thanks for sharing your latest adventures with us. Your staycation sounds wonderful and your work for the shelter is inspiring.