Sunday, July 31, 2011

Natural Beauties

I can always tell when I’ve been behind the desk too much!  I’m not really complaining . . . I actually am one of those odd interior designers who happens to enjoy the planning and organizational process of projects; however, all work and no design play makes Wanda yearn for getting out and about to source lovely pieces.  I’m so thrilled that this week will be filled with seeing some favorite clients and that we also get to spend some time searching for the layers that make a room special.

As I was leafing through my client binders, I could see the profound influence nature has on some of my designs.  I certainly can do more stark interiors but being a gardener probably has me connected to the things of the earth.  I consider Mother Nature a ‘BFF’ and a partner in design.

I think she might approve of what’s on the schedule for this week:

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Blog July 5 

Next . . . .

Blog July 4 

Blog July lamp 

Of course, each client is different and has their own set of preferences.  Still, I do think designers attract people with similar interests or aspirations for a particular look and feel.  Words like:  pretty, timeless, collected, layered, classic, tailored, casually elegant, comfortable, and even “wow” are words which have resonated in my client’s vocabulary.  I’d like to think they have become the hallmarks of my work.


Time to get a few more pointers from my “design partner”.  She’s an expert colorist!

All My Best 




The plate rack is happily filled!

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Seedplanter Designs said...

Wanda...saw your tweet I'm Seedplanter on Twitter) about the effect nature has on your work and had to see this post. As a nature photographer, I am naturally drawn to products that showcase the amazing details of our world. LOVE the lamp & majorica pitcher, and I have to say--the sofa fabric just pulls me in. So warm and cozy.

Your passion for your work really shines through!