Friday, August 19, 2011


At any given period of time, certain design motifs or elements become prominent in interiors, and even though they may wax and wane, they never completely disappear from view.  Because so many folks seem to be attracted to an Asian influence, as well as a bit of a 1960’s flair, one such motif, bamboo, appears to be staying strong. 

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In the Victorian period, there was a fascination with the East.  Bedsteads, armoires, tables, shelves, and many other furniture pieces incorporated a bamboo profile.  A lot of these were designed with a natural tone or they had a tortoiseshell finished effect.  It’s not uncommon to see today’s trending accents to be painted with a bright, glossy finish.  (I would only suggest this for the 1960’s pieces, rather than the Victorian antiques.  I’m purist when it comes to covering up the lovingly mottled finishes!)

The creative juices began to flow when I perused the pages of catalogs and the internet screen!  There’s something so delightful in adding the organic touch of bamboo to everything from modern, French, or even rustic cottage decors, taking care not to over-fill the room with too much of a good thing.  That’s why we can tire of certain elements.  It’s easy to go to the “theme extreme”!

I’ve created an editorial of possibilities.  I would love to know your favorites!

Bamboozled 1

Bamboozled 2


Bamboozeled 4

Bamboozled 5

Bamboozled 6

Feeling “bamboozled” by all of the choices?  I sure hope so! 

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