Monday, August 8, 2011

Dream Walls

Just last week, I had a meeting with a client about updating a guestroom and an adjacent bathroom.  Her bedding is still gooorgeous and in fine condition.  We just had the room re-carpeted and we also wanted to re-paint the armoire.  (A follow-up post on chalk paint to come.)  Well, one thing always leads to the other and then we discussed repainting the whole room and the bath.  I always liken this to a woman deciding to get a facelift and doing only the right side of her face, without the other.  You can’t leave the left one still sagging!


Back to design!  Even though we could have considered doing a wallcovering in the bath, she has some unusual ceiling corners which clip into the tub area.  We also had color specs to address and neutrals can really be tough, due to undertones.  There was no question this should be a custom job so I called in my expert, Whitney Bayer, for a consult.  I just cringe to use the term, ‘faux finishing’, because, over the years, it’s been overdone and sometimes quite poorly.  It takes the restraint of application and a practiced hand to carry it off.  I’m so lucky to have Whitney as my go-to person.  She’s also trained in the fine arts and I think this allows her to bring a different eye to each project.  Whitney also carefully chooses which projects she’ll take on, as well as the designers with whom she’ll collaborate.  Not snooty at all – just smart.  I’m lucky to be one of them!

Of course, I had to grab my camera and snap some of her latest sample boards!  It wouldn’t be right not to share them with you!

Decorative Painting 1

Decorative Painting 2


Oh dear Lord, please let me use this one in a client’s home . . . it would truly be dreamy!  Amen.

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