Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Trust in Design, Trust in the Process

So . . . today’s post is going to be short and sweet.  I’m reviewing notes from an all-day meeting with truly a favorite client and I’ve got a large list to tackle.  I’m not saying she’s a favorite client because I know she reads my blog posts or to butter her up to any of my upcoming ideas.  We’ve been working together for almost eight years, (second round of projects),  so I’m pretty sure, by now, we’ve moved past the ‘courting phase’.  (smile)  If you noticed, I said we spent an entire day together.  It moved by like lightening because we were so in sync and were having the best time!


(If this doesn’t describe the process of design . . . )

Well, even though ‘fun’ is definitely what the process of design should include, that’s not the big topic of conversation, here.  Trust is the biggest factor in my designer’s book.  You’ve got to trust me and I’ve got to trust you.  It’s a simple and yet complex concept.  The only way to make it happen is through open communication.  That part sounds easy but it’s amazing how omissions can lead to that yucky feeling of not being on the same page.  Then the trust factor starts to diminish. 


(My client has been through a couple of remodels so she knows this mantra very well!)

Thankfully, while never taking a sacred relationship for granted . . . (I do create paperwork to foster that trust – working drawings, project scope lists, etc.) . . . I can get more accomplished with this favorite client because we are on the same page.  If we wasted energy constantly second-guessing our working relationship or the information being shared, we would never be able to move forward.  This is not to say we don’t ever re-imagine or re-visit a couple of our ideas, but because we do it together, it makes all of the difference in the outcome.


(A glimpse of her laundry cabinets, after a compete re-do)

I also recognize a referral as the other ultimate vote of trust.  My client shared one had been passed on, yesterday, because she wanted someone else to have the same experience we share.

Oh! How I love pixie dust!

Thank you, dear *client, for your faith and trust.  You are truly appreciated!

All My Best

(*privacy being honored)

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