Saturday, September 24, 2011

Classically Curated Room Design

curated:  past participle, past tense of cu·rate

verbSelect, organize, and look after the items in (a collection or exhibition). 

Have you been noticing the great frequency of the term, ‘curated’, in reference to interior design?  As in any great phrase, it’s important not to overuse it or it can become passé without that being the intention.  Remember the days of ‘eclectic’?  It became the catchall when a style wasn’t so easily defined.

I do tend to incorporate many of the principles of a ‘curated’ process in my interior applications.  I do love a well-organized design and room!  I also actively participate in the search for selections with my clients.  And . . . while never wanting anyone to feel as if they are living in a museum, I do like procuring items which indicate they are to be treasured, or looked after, long when the room has been completed.  It goes against my design sensibilities to suggest fly-by-night selections to be tossed in a just a few short months.  Layered, collected, loved, and “special additions” are also phrases which describe the way I design.

What do you envision when you hear the term, curated interiors?  I’ll give you an example of mine:

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Nothing stodgy about this space!  A beginning point could be an inherited family antique.  I find it’s often the biggest concern many people have . . . how to incorporate something from Grandma without it looking forced.  I saw the vignette photo on Pinterest and it had my creative sparks flying on how to pair it with other elements for a classically, beautiful look. 

Here’s what ended up on my design board:


Love this luscious embroidered silk from Stroheim?  It can be ordered just for you!  I would use it for pillows, panels, shades, or even stretched as a canvas for wall art.


Blown glass balls on this Currey & Company Chandelier are a different twist on a crystal version.  The modern, silver-leaf finish captures the glow, brilliantly!  I’ll be visiting their showroom in High Point while I’m attending the upcoming fall market.


Lee Industry’s elegant but not overly formal loveseat.  As we say in entertaining with our china, “Use the good stuff”!

Promotional image for Daily Introductory Tour

(A group of my Twitter & friends are attending the London Design Festival!  Their first stop? An afternoon tea at the Victoria and Albert Museum.  Sigh and ‘cheerio’ to them!)

You don’t have to live in a museum to appreciated a finely curated design style.  Chances are, you may already have some special pieces just needing to be refined and reworked into the right space.  It simply takes a trained eye to help bring them back to life!

What do YOU think?

All My Best

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