Thursday, September 1, 2011

Digging Indigenous Design – Part 1

In simple terms, indigenous design is “by the people, for the people”, including a culture or tribe and the original inhabitants of a region.  These people created what I think of as ‘functional art’.  Everyday items: vessels, blankets, rugs, and furnishings, were designed from local materials and were embellished to showcase their skills as crafters and artisans.  Often, historians can determine the age and points of origin by these designs and materials.  Over periods of time, there has been an evolution or an adaptation which melded design motifs into other cultures or geographic areas.


(Peruvian textile designs harkens back to pre-Hispanic days.)

(Preparing yarns, with natural dye pigments, for blankets in Mexico.)

As we embrace what we believe to be modern trends coming forth in the design world, we should pay homage to its derivation and the early creators.  Think you’re seeing something totally new?  Perhaps if you’re a time traveler from hundreds of years ago! 

Sharing a little “blast from the past” and totally today – Chevron Style!

Blog 82011 Indigenous 1

Blog 82011 Indigenous 2

Blog82011 Indigenous 3

Blog 82011 Indigenous 4

Blog 82011 Indigenous 5

While certain designs may not be totally original, the way an artist or designer interprets their application or use can be!  More often than not, creativity is generated from a combination of knowledge, experience, and tackling a project with the resources we uncover.  It’s kind of like being on an archeological dig.  Sometimes you have an idea of what you’re looking for and other times, it can be a delightful surprise!

I think it worked well for our predecessors, don’t you?

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