Saturday, September 17, 2011

Falling Into Bed

The daylight hours are becoming shorter and I don’t know about you, but that only means one thing for me . . . the eyes go half mast a bit earlier than when they’re flooded with sunshine!  Honestly, sometimes when I’ve been pushing through fourteen and fifteen hour work days, (as I tend to work more when I have the extra light), fall can be a welcome respite of “calling it a day”, just a little earlier! 

Even while the season of holiday entertaining is almost upon us, the bedroom seeks our attention if for nothing else than a cozy sanctuary to end the day with a soft landing.  (And don’t forget about those guests or family members who might be sleeping over when sharing a visit!)

By the time the fall season has arrived, it becomes tight in scheduling for a lot of custom accoutrements.  In that event, my local go-to source is DeWoolfson Fine Linens, in Charlotte, NC.  I’ve previously written about them but a reminder never hurts!  They also ship across the country. 

I recently stopped in for a visit to see what’s new as well as to look through tried-and-true products.  I thought I would share some pics of my discoveries.


I had a nice chat with Sally Southern, their store manager, and I shared how I’ve loved the quality of their products, as well as the variety of value ranges they offer.  Yes, a good set of bedding may set you back a few dollars, but I can tell you, I’ve got sheets that have lasted me for over five years!  They just get silkier and more refined, rather than pilling or wearing through. 

DeWoolfson 2

I like to consider quality bedding as a category where I’ll spend less dollars, in the long run, when I take the time to collect the proper foundation “garments”, such as a good mattress cover, special pillows, and of course, the coverings.  As I need to update these items, I invest a little more for the long haul.  The folks at DeWoolfson also appreciate that their customers have different comfort needs and preferences. DeWoolfson makes their own pillows and they will happily adjust yours, whether if it’s to plump them with more filling or to take a bit extra out. 

DeWoolfson 3

The displays at DeWoolfson are divine!  Inspiration awaits with “real life” settings. 

Here are a few helpful tips to consider when buying bedding:

  • The life of a down/feather pillow is about 5-10 years, depending on the care and quality, while a good foam or synthetic pillow should be disposed of after 2-3 years.
  • Silk pillow covers are good for the complexion.  Dermatologists say silk includes the essential amino acids that we often find in moisturizers and hair care products. Silk pillows are hypoallergenic, too.
  • Save a little energy by generating your own.  A down-filled duvet will hold in body heat when the thermostat has been set lower.  The down doesn’t lump together as much as a synthetic fill; therefore, eliminating cold spots.  Of course, construction should be considered, as well as if feathers have been added.

DeWoolfson 5 

Since the holidays are coming, soon, I’d like to add one more tip . . .  Shop your local stores!  I’m fortunate to be close enough to stop by to see Sally to pick up a “surcie” or two for friends and family.  It spares me the mall traffic, too.

If you do reside in the Charlotte area, I understand DeWoolfson will be providing some bedding for the upcoming March Of Dimes 2011 Designer Showhouse.  Can’t wait for a walk-through of what looks to be a grand estate! 


516 Museum Drive

Charlotte, NC 28207

October 7, 8, 9 and October 14, 15, 16

Friday & Saturday: 10 - 6; Sunday 1-6

Admission: $15 at the door

Proceeds from tickets and portion of design sales benefit March of Dimes

For event information, please call 704-377-2009

Look out for the showhouse on Living will be available 2 for 1!

Here’s to falling into bed in comfort and style!

All My Best

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Reading this the day after I -re-arranged the bedroom...for exactly the reasons you cite. Shorter and cooler days mean I'll be heading to my sanctuary a bit earlier even if it does mean bringing my laptop with me!

I'm a huge advocate of finding ways to save energy; not just for my pocketbook but to lessen my personal demand on resources. A great comforter is paramount to allowing me to turn down the thermostat at night. I see no choice for Name/URL so this comment may not even get published!