Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Case Of The Warm Fuzzies – As In Peach

As autumn settles in, I always find myself drawn towards russet/orange tones.  They’re a cozy and comforting addition to any decor and allows your interior to beckon the visitor to stay for awhile.  There’s another translation to this palette, which offers some of the same gregarious intention while being just a few lighter steps above the color strip.  You might call it ‘clay’, ‘blush’, ‘peche’, ‘wheat’, or ‘terra’ but it’s definitely somewhere in the peach family. 

When I was in design school, in the 80’s, this color was used in great abundance, being coupled with blue and teal.  Yes, I even did a design board for a project showing this major trend!  While I may have shivered at the notion of a return to that design decade, I’m rethinking how beautiful some of the various tints of this hue can be!

Martin Senour Paints - Walls -1017-C Cloudy Peach, Floor - Country Brown (Package Color) and MSW-2 White

Kimono Allover Stencil for Wall Decor and More

Royal Design Studio - 3035 Kimono Allover Stencil


Sferra Fine Linens – Ophelia Pillow



Miu Miu

Thibaut Wild Floral

Anna French – Wild Flora Pattern for Thibaut 

Martha Stewart calls this ‘wheat’. 

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Oh, and an added bonus:  Martha Stewart provides an excellent suggestion for organizing paint swatches!

Peach . . . Does it give you the warm fuzzies?

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April Elizabeth said...

I too was nervous about the re-entry of peach but I am finding its new variations quite lovable.

Stitchfork said...

Yes, warm peach fuzzies! Love it combined with the brown.
xo Cathy

Nick @ Cupboards said...

Martha is such a smarty! Peach has made a comeback(and not in that awful 80's way). Great inspiration, Wanda!