Thursday, October 6, 2011

Keeping An Eye On Design

About a month ago I was contacted to participate, along with a group of fantastic interior designers and design bloggers, in an effort to help spot some of our favorite products and trends at the upcoming Fall 2011 High Point Furniture Market.  What an honor to be included with this illustrious group of women!  Not that I think this was meant to be an “all girl’s club”, but I do believe the market will be host to a huge, feminine influence in shapes, color palettes, and well, “womanly wiles”.  Of course, I’m keeping an open mind for everyone!

The picture is a little fuzzy so here’s the link to read more about our task at hand and to see my fellow Style Spotters:

Style Spotters

Now, I know trends can come and go as well as outstay their welcome.  We all love something new and fresh so we jump on the “fan-wagon” and apply every trend or love them literally “til death do us part”.  It’s kind of like elevating them to teenage idol status and then we’re on to the next dreamy contender. 

I hope to share my selections, with a discerning eye, as well as to share designs that have stood the test of time.  After all, in the times we’re living, we have to make wise design decisions.  That’s why I think/hope the folks in High Point asked me to do this . . .  to be the best design guide I can be while honoring you, the consumer!

I’ll keep you posted on my blog and on Pinterest.  If you haven’t joined Pinterest, you’re missing a wonderful source for inspiration!  Hmmm . . . I think it’s time for me to get back to pinning! 

All My Best

PS – Be sure to also follow my Twitter feed –!/WandaSHorton/ and watch for the hashtag - #HPMkt.  I’ll be sharing the market with you!

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