Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Room For Family

As I traveled through the High Point Market, this past week, I marveled at how many pieces of furniture had been gathered into literally millions of square feet of showroom space.  It also gave me pause to reflect on a project I’m creating for a family.



In this particular case, I have no budget, because there is no budget.  That’ right - nadda, zilch, zippo!  Why on earth, then, would I agree to take on this project?  I mean, didn’t I just attend several luncheons where the value of an interior designer and their services were acknowledged, many times over?  And of course, we all reminded ourselves, as much as we love our work, it has to be more than a hobby.  There are times; however, when our gifts must be shared with others and without the expectation of monetary reward.  Of course, we all know, we usually receive more than we give. 

Yes, I’m creating a room for a family, as temporary as it might be for them.  The family is comprised of folks who are still finding their way, are on their way, or have just arrived.  I hope it inspires them to want to make a home for themselves, when the time and resources are available. 

With the upcoming holiday season, I hope to partner with some furniture manufacturers, vendors, or retail outlets who can help me make this space come together. 

UCCS Day Rm Opt 2 

My goal is to find sturdy, comfortable, and new or close-to-new pieces for this space.  There will be a lot of activity in the area so it needs to last a while.  The layout is just a suggestion for the pieces and can be tweaked as offerings come through.  There does need to be ample seating and I would love to have a cohesive look.  I know I’m asking for a lot for those who ask for so little. 

Feel free to contact me for more information and thank you for keeping this project in mind!

The family you come from isn't as important as the family you're going to have.”  Ring Lardner

All My Best

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