Friday, November 11, 2011

Powder Room Suite = Déjà Wu

It’s the end of the week and I’m going to break all of the rules of blogging!  A little longer post than “usual” as it’s a holiday weekend.  Just desserts for a busy week.

This “little” powder bath post has several parts so just plump up some beautiful pillows and nest in to enjoy a vision of loveliness, peppered with a few musings and stories. 


(via Pinterest - A powder bath treasure chest.)

First, let me share how some late night Twitter conversations have produced lots of fodder for future design posts.  I’ve got to bestow a huge thanks to @citypassion for providing inspiring thought threads for twists on future topics.  She prodded me on to provide more deeply-layered posts; to include aspirational design.  (Just when I was beginning to wonder if most consumers were looking only for DIY ideas.)  We also both have an affinity for Garden and Gun Magazine.  Their stories and photography have a rich, sensual appeal as they refer to the magazine as representing “the soul of the south”.  It’s a publication where even “good ole boys” are given the respect of their blue-blooded brethren.  But I digress.

black wall (4)

(via Pinterest – Shimmering black, crystal, silver, candelabra – a true jewel-box!)

Back to the powder bath . . .  I had several posts in que, with bits and pieces of content.  Nothing awe-inspiring, I must admit.  Then, an email reminder came regarding a press release for Jason Wu’s latest creations for Brizo, the company offering plumbing fixtures designed to be the jeweled touches for your home. Brizo encapsulates fashion branding for everyday objects by making them much more than, well, everyday.  That’s where Mr. Wu puts the proverbial “pedal to the metal” in moving them, runway-forward.


(Jason Wu Runway Show)

I was delighted to still be kept in the loop, as you see, I was asked to be Brizo’s guest, during Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, along with about eighteen other designers and design bloggers from across the country.  (Thank you, again, Nick Lovelady, for thinking of me.)  There would be brainstorming sessions, delightful dinners, and the pièce de résistance????  Attending Jason Wu’s runway show!  Alas, family health matters kept me grounded so I missed making the journey; however, as a designer, I’ve got an active imagination!  I could live vicariously through posted experiences and gorgeous photography. 

Low and behold, the email offered up plenty to share and his powder bath line tied it all together! 


(Jason Wu - Shape, form, fabulous!)


Introducing Jason Wu for Brizo – Powder Room Suite – A bold combination of Scandinavian clean lines and delicate, Baroque accenting.



23030 23030

(Jason Wu Accessories:  Wastebasket and Drawer Knob)



Jason Wu for Brizo – Odin Faucet

Press Release Excerpt:  Odin faucet is an exclusive temperature control technology featuring a new temperature sensing indicator. A LED light display built into the base of the faucet uses shades of light, from blue to magenta to red, to indicate actual water temperature. The electronic valve built into the lavatory faucet also monitors the mixture of hot and cold water to help provide a consistent temperature for the user, while its high temperature limit stop offers an added degree of safety.

The Jason Wu for Brizo Odin faucet meets WaterSense standards. Additionally, water does not come in contact with metal surfaces once inside the faucet, meeting all current and upcoming state and national legislation.  Also, all items in the collection will be packaged using 100 percent recyclable materials.


(Miss Wu – Jason Wu)



( Brizo Label Luxury Limited Editions)


Don’t you think Thibaut’s Earth Vine would provide the perfect backdrop to the Jason Wu Powder Bath Collection? 


(Jason Wu – Behind the scenes, Spring 2012 show.)

Great design is an aspiration and it isn’t always just about a name or a brand, unless that designer and brand have risen to the occasion to bring us their best.  It’s a topic many of us are chatting up these days.  Choose what you love and do it wisely.  It’s our passion and we hope it will be yours, too!

All My Best

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Live The Fine Life said...

Nice post, Wanda! I'm so sorry you didn't get to make the trip. Your imagination is spot on. Jason Wu loves women, Brizo loves designers, and designers love beautiful fashion AND faucets. It's a win-win-win!