Sunday, November 20, 2011

Delicious Thanksgiving Dining

Since I’m in the midst of preparing for the big turkey day ahead, I thought I would share a repost of my latest article for the Hooker Furniture Blog.  It was exciting to learn this has been syndicated and featured on several other sites!  In the interest of time, I hope you don’t mind if I share it again with you.

Here you go!

Even the most seasoned of hosts can experience heart flutters when several holidays seem to merge into one extended party. It’s the time of year, where we not only welcome family and friends; we also have the consideration of the many traditions attached to our gatherings. Adding in for the possibility of overnight guests . . . well, those flutters might turn into full-fledged palpitations! I’ll share some of my key ingredients for creating a delicious experience for you and your guests.


(Layers of texture and candlelight warm the center of my holiday dining table.  One of my go-to sources for table settings is “A Passion for Flowers” by Carolyne Roehm)

Whether this is your first event or you have the makings of a celebrity event planner, it’s always a great idea to have a checklist of ‘go-to’ sources for tabletop ideas, inspired room settings, and tested recipes. Having a practice run makes for a more relaxed and fun time for everyone.

Comfort is first and foremost on my entertainment list. Have you noticed how often people tend to linger around the dining table? They’ve enjoyed a great meal and are in the throes of lively conversation. I love a chair that wraps itself around a guest’s shoulders. It’s like giving them a big hug! Topping my list is the Spindle Back Arm Chair, from Hooker Furniture’s Sanctuary Collection. After recently spotting it in their High Point Market showroom, I can tell you I’m in love! I can visualize it transitioning from an American Classic home to a European Manor House.


A ‘go-to’ source for furnishings? Hooker Furniture Company, of course!  Spindle Back Arm Chair – The Sanctuary Collection - Drift and Dune Finish


(The Spindle Back Arm Chair in another finish option: Ebony)

It’s fun to consider mixing it up when it comes to planning your menus. There are always favorite recipes, handed down from generation to generation, but it’s nice to offer a few twists by including a new dish, too. Depending on the occasion, everyone may be pitching in by bringing their house specialty. Wouldn’t it be a treat to have a swap of beautiful recipe cards? Variety is the spice of life!


(I found these Letterpress cards on Etsy. A fabulous site for handmade goods.)


(Scalloped Sweet Potatoes - A “yum-yum” from my friend, Amy Johnson’s blog, “She Wears Many Hats”.  She’s one of my ‘go-to’ sources for family friendly food. Find complete instructions on the Tasty Kitchen link.)

Your Thanksgiving guests will feel most special just because you’ve included them around your table. I think that’s what really makes for a delicious dining experience, don’t you?

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

All My Best

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