Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last Minute Holiday Decorating?

So, are you feeling the heart fluctuations of procrastination when it comes to making things merry and bright?  I think a little rush of adrenaline isn’t so bad, in getting us moving forward towards the finish line, but I also know a full blown coronary arrest isn’t a good holiday tiding!

At this point, I like to think of using things that can be carried forward into the New Year and will be more about “winter” decorations.  Even when the tree comes down . . .  granting that you’ve put one up . . . there will be some lovely things to enjoy as we move into the early part of winter solstice. 

Sometimes, the best things are saved for last.  Fresh arrangements are happier that way!


Here is a bedside table setting that I created for my recent Hooker Furniture blog post.  (It shared with my readers how to create sugar plum dreams in a guest room.)  Simple greens and apples made my antique compote bowl sparkle.)


I loved this idea from Sally Page’s book, “The Flower Shop Christmas”.  The first step is to tie ribbon, as shown, around a square vase.


Then, you just pop in short stems of flowers and berries.  Even if the local florist is out or may be up to their ears in orders, many of the grocery chains, such as The Fresh Market or even Costco have pretty good bunches of flowers you can snip.


A lovely entry from Country Living shows how to “plant” branches in a vase, anchored with some fresh greens, and then decorated with some tiny glass ornaments.  The poinsettias are a lovely pop of color.  Be sure to keep them properly watered . . . not too much and not too dry.  They do need TLC during the time when most of us have our thermostats heating up.

Let’s just say you’re really short on time . . . No time to head out for any extra supplies.  Start putting on the thinking cap.  I’ll bet you can find a few items to jingle things up a bit!


If you’re a patron of plaid, gather up up some of your favs and place them in order of plaid perfection.  I found this on Pinterest and the clever simplicity, plus the retro lunchbox, grabbed my attention for a front porch welcome.


Yes - simple is as simple does.  If this seems a little to rustic for you, grab a can of metallic paint or your glitter and have at it with the pots!  Gold metallic dresses up just about anything.  (Also from “The Flower Shop Christmas”.)  For those who celebrate Hanukkah, it would be easy to align these on a tabletop and change the bows to blue.


(Image:  Pottery Barn)


No time to hang the ornaments on your tree?  Pull out the most special ones and group them in a container.  In having done decorating for my own clients’ homes for the holidays, I’ve found there are many stories behind the favorites.  Those memories warm our hearts and make great conversations to share with loved ones and friends.

From my home to yours . . .


All My Best


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Cute! I love the entry way to your home. Pretty vignette. Merry Christmas Wanda.