Saturday, December 10, 2011

Making Merry With Meaning – Holiday at Home

It’s been a lovely week of decorating several homes for the holidays.  Each year I try to set aside some time to help clients, who are having holiday events, spruce up their garlands, add “fluffitude” to their wreaths, (thanks to Beth for that verbiage), and sprinkle seasonal cheer throughout their homes.  Each year I’m reminded how much better off a few preemptive yoga classes might stave off stiff and sore muscles, too!  In the end, I hope my efforts bring a bit more merriment to the season.


An array of Sugar Pine Cones and Leyland Cypress adorn my client’s mantel and crown her stocking collection.


Evening photography isn’t my area of expertise, but hopefully you can see the handiwork in this entry foyer.  PS – The Thibaut wallcovering is so much prettier than my picture.  The handrails were previously painted and rubbed for an ebonized effect.


A table setting in preparation for a granddaughter’s December birthday party.  Theme?  Visions of sugarplums, of course!


As an aside, this living room will be completed with more layers to come, before a party.  It has been totally redesigned to mesh with an adjacent family room.  We went ahead with the Christmas decor.


Working on a tabletop concept.  Pineapples are the proverbial way to roll out the welcome mat!  I’m mixing small moss pots of poinsettias and ivy to soften the edges.


A different home, a different color palette.  I love to mix texture and glitz.


A snowy tablescape for a future dinner.  This saves my client from having to maintain flowers, even though a few blossoms could be inserted, later.  I think I’ll add some crystal balls, too.


And this tree!  We’ve been “friends” for three years, now!


In fact, you may recognize it from posts of Christmas past.  Even without the lights on, it twinkles in the grand hall.


I love using pieces from client’s collections, in a different installation.  The little copper lusterware creamers nest between fresh greens and ornaments. 


We did a little shopping, yesterday, at Creative By Nature, and added some lovely, glass acorns to her mantel setting.  We also took time to have lunch and to catch up.  Clients, over time, become friends.  Design is my business but my design is also personal.  I love it when my clients feel as if I’m so in-tune that I can jump in, sleeves rolled-up and get the project done because I know them so well.


We added some brass candlesticks she had tucked away.  BTW- I hope you didn’t send all of your brass pieces to consignment.  You know the old saying about things recycling in design.  Brass is back!


A rose medallion jar dresses up the end of the display.


A new gingerbread house ornament is the backdrop to one of the very first ornaments my client every received.  She has one of these raspberry cones and so does her brother.  It was a gift from their mother and it’s about 75 years old.  Precious memories and connections live on in this tree.


We ended the day with glowing smiles.  It’s so true how everyone, including the house, looks better in a little candelight.

I’m almost finished with the holiday decorating season.  This little elf couldn’t have done all of this alone.  I’m so appreciative of my friend, and great design talent, Beth Swanson, for keeping me entertained while digging in along side of me.  She had her own helpers man her shop, Oldetyme Marketplace, as well as all of the other holiday decorating she does for others.  You are The Woman, Beth!  Anthony Davis, my installer extraordinaire, and of whom I fondly refer to as, The Big Guy, (you should see 5’1” of me next to 6’5” of him), not only helps me to reach greater heights, *wink*, but has an eye and knack for the perfection of placement.  I might still be hanging off a ledge without Anthony!IMG_5538

Thank you to my clients, who continually ask me to help you bring some extra holiday sparkle to your homes.  You are the meaning behind the merriment and the reason I put on a different hat, come December.  This “decorating elf” loves sharing the season with you!  (And what a treat to open a box from one of you, to find my own elf inside!)

Merry, Merry to You!

  All My Best


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Brooks Interior said...

I like your style. Even though each client had a different palette & color scheme, your style reflects in each one. You are talented.

I have given up on taking pictures of my clients' room. My camera just wouldn't do them justice and at this time I can't afford to hire a photographer to come do them. Sigh.