Saturday, December 3, 2011

Picking Perfect Presents? Practically A Winning Two-Fer!

As the Christmas and holidays countdown have begun, I have visions not only of sugarplums dancing in my head, but of the list of people for whom I still need to buy gifts.  Yes, I know I only have 364 days to think about this, from last year’s Big Day, but you know how we creatives can be . . . always trying to think of the “perfect” present.  It takes time, you know?


(I sure love the idea of creating personal gifts.  I also love the idea of having time to enjoy the season.  This year, I’m going to more parties and home tours.  Things I miss when I’ve put too much on my plate.  Thanks, HGTV, for the idea, though. *wink*)

I’ve decided to take some of the pressure off.  Instead of spending days fixating on the latest trending gift or deciding if a leopard patterned bag will fit Sally Sue’s personality, I’m going the practical route.  There, I said it, the “P” word.  It seems as if, in the world of design, that’s almost like cursing!  (I could stand for a few fashion-forward folks to use it as a substitute descriptive for their public exclamations.  Just think - “That’s practically awesome!”  or what about, “Practically amazing!” )

D Karan

Okay, I digress.  There’s also another motivation for heading in this direction.  My local community shelter is stuffing stockings and they’ve requested thirty adult stockings for the shelter residents and ten children’s stockings, (3-9 years), ten tween/teen stockings, (11-17 yrs).  The request also listed many useful items.  Of course, this got the cogwheels turning.  Why not focus on double-duty shopping?  Who needs one more Tchotchke or impulse gift?  I can personally attest that I’m trying to capture more space by editing a bit more.  If I don’t love it, if it’s not useful – buh bye! 

So, while I’m shopping for stocking stuffers for my shelter, I’m going to be duplicating some purchases for others.  A winning two-fer, as it were.

December 1

December 2

Practically perfect, don’t you think?

All My Best


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