Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Planning A Perfect New Year?

So . . . Is it already that time of year when our thoughts are heading towards resolutions, goals, and getting back-on-track if we missed the mark on some of our best laid plans for 2011?  Totally time to get serious, right?  No more procrastination, lollygagging, dawdling, or side-stepping around it?  Time to see if we can get our proverbial houses in order – either literally or figuratively – to make for a perfect New Year?


~ a quality, trait, or feature of the highest degree of excellence.

~ the highest degree of proficiency, skill, or excellence, as in some art.

Aspiring words for certain!

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(Hmmm.  If only life fit into a well-organized set of envelopes with each activity planned for in advance.)

I’m in great admiration of those who have already set in motion their upcoming lists.  Admittedly, I’m right there with them on the:  getting healthier, loosing weight, move more, breathe more, create more balance in life, get-rid-of-stuff-that-gets-in-the-way, etc., etc., etc.  You see, I tend to be a list maker and even a bit of a perfectionist.  Good for those who hire me to do their projects but not always good for me in terms of allowing a bit more of “me” time. 

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(Of course, making a checklist for some things is good for more “me” time.  Keeping this one in view for a new “me” year.)

“Life” also comes along and muddies the waters of momentum.  Some things are out of our control . . . major events which alter our lives such as:  death, divorce, illness . . . .  There are also instances where perhaps we’ve given up our decision-making to others; producing end results which would have been in our best interest to say, “no” so that we could say “yes” to the things that would support not only our goals but the inner core of who we are and that of which we want to give.  Many of us could raise our hands to attest to walking on this path, at some point or the other.


(Sometimes you do have to make on-the-spot decisions.  Practicing a little “what if I’m faced with _______?” can be a huge help.)


(And if you haven’t walked a particular path before, there are always lessons or take-a-ways to be gathered for the next time.)

Rather than trying to “perfect” a “perfect” set of resolutions, I’ve decided to be a work in progress – an evolution of sorts.  Even when setting goals, there are many little steps to be made towards achieving them.  The “experts” tend to concur we’re more apt to be successful if we take each one as it comes, rather than trying to make a huge leap.  We have to decide if we’re doing it for ourselves or to impress someone else with big, lofty ideas.

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Talk less, do more.

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I’m always amazed how one little change can lead to big results!


Always share gratitude and appreciation.  It never gets old.


A setback or a bump along the way doesn’t define the final destination.

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Amen.  Amen!  And A Happy New Year!

All My Best

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