Sunday, December 18, 2011

Recapping 2011 – A Little Design Wit & Wisdom

Okay, I know we haven’t even celebrated Christmas and I’m already attempting to summarize the year of 2011.  My mind just works that way.  It must be years of advance planning for design project deadlines.  In many cases, I’ve already “seen” the room in my head before everything is installed in a client’s home.


(Oh, if only clicking my heels made it happen!)

But, as usual, I digress.  You see, try as I might, after adding notes to Christmas Cards and sending out my last 2011 newsletter, (plus putting on finishing touches to some interiors), my creative writing skills have taken a bit of a leave of absence.  I thought I would recap the year with some fun word visuals.  Yes, it’s cheating but in a good way!  (Etsy and Pinterest are the places to go when you need help.)


I do try to keep everything upbeat and positive and people say I have a way of keeping everything calm.  They always wonder what would happen if I pulled off the filter.  Ooooh!  It’s never pretty to pull off the filter!  


Yes, I do better when I can get my 7 hours in.  Give me 8 and I’m an angel!  I’ve recently said I’ll sleep after Christmas. 

Copy (2) of letterpresscal_021

I do think a few miracles have been pulled off, this year.  You had to be behind the scenes to know this.


The part about miracles?  It all had to do with hunting down either the product or the people who could make the process happen.  It’s all about availability in the world of interior design.  Including scheduling.


I think I’ve already shared this one but it’s worth repeating.  Custom design is not a “snap of your fingers HGTV 30 minute show style approach”, at least not by my firm.  My team and I certainly do everything we can to make things go as smooth as possible but it takes time.  I’m a huge paperwork queen.  Plan to prevent problems.  Measure twice, cut once.  But . . .  there is always that character called, “Mr. Murphy” and he likes to crash the party every now and then.


(So - he also may be called “Mayhem” on the commercial, but they kind of resemble one another, don’t you think?)


(From the mouths of babes.)


Who would you rather have steering your ship when the waves whip up?


I’ve got a great appreciation for clients who step out of their comfort zone.  It helps me to be a better designer and they get some pretty great results, too!

instruction_book 672-675

It’s all about creating a balance with a dose of common sense.  These four items cover so much territory.  I’ve added my translations, below:

  • 672 – Be true to yourself and good to others.
  • 673 – Editing goes a long way.  Don’t over think.
  • 674 – Have realistic expectations and communicate them.  No mind reading allowed.
  • 675 – Planning and preparation go a long way and keeps the journey and people a bit more comfortable on the way to the final destination.

My Story

I believe cookies and cupcakes are allowed for medicinal purposes.  In moderation, of course.


Contrary to popular belief, all interior designers do not get to vacation in Bora Bora – but if you’ve got a vacation home that needs some work . . . .


When you have two of them, it’s even better.  Love my office buddies!

Copy (3) of letterpresscal_021

And mine ARE the best!

Thanks for dropping by as I’m literally wrapping up the year and presents, too!  Just a few more days and the lights on the office will be dimmed until after the New Year.  I’ll probably put in one more quick post and then I’ll be offline for a while.


If I don’t have time to share it beforehand, thank you SO MUCH for making my blog a drop-in destination.  I know there are lots of them available to you and my goal is to keep improving this one to make it worth your while. 

All My Best


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