Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Marilyn Effect ~Interiors Lust

I’m not so much a winter person during the daylight hours.  It tends to be gray and cold and as I glance at the bare garden spots, I wistfully think of the dormant blooms to unfold in the spring.  Then . . . nightfall comes and the warm glow of light, a flicker from the fireplace or a nearby candle, and I welcome the chance to cocoon.  Textures and tactile experiences become even more important.  I imagine myself being surrounded by the luxury of it.

While snuggled in, one evening, the Golden Globes honored great talents and even though I had not seen the movie, “My Week with Marilyn”, the clips had me searching for trailers.


Michelle Williams received the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy with her portrayal as Marilyn.  (Image:  Uncanny resemblance, isn’t it?


Ms Monroe wrapped in a white fur.  (Image:  Pinterest)


One of my recent purchases at the Atlanta market.  Don’t summon PETA, it’s a fab faux fur throw.  (Image:  Wanda S. Horton)


A bedroom fit for the divine Ms ‘M’.  (Via –


A few throw pillows, like the one in the center, are coming with the Atlanta order.  Spoken for but can be reordered!  (Image: Cynthia Smiley)

As it’s often said, “life imitates art”.  After observing a few “lean” years in design, I believe we’ll see rooms become a bit more fleshed out with a hint of Hollywood.  What do you think?


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