Monday, January 30, 2012

Pretty Office Design For Life’s Taxing Moments

Generally speaking, I like to walk on the sunshiny side of life.  When it comes to the shorter winter days and tax season, I think if I took a poll, not too many people would say, “Loving it”.  I’ve been working on my tax prep and about the only thing I can say I enjoy about the process is getting it checked off my list.  May I share a big “Blech”?!


(A great send off for those spreadsheets!  Origami birds - Etsy )

Meanwhile, even while performing the most mundane of tasks, I do think we should make sure we’re immersed in “pretty”.  Humor also helps.  It might just put the glow back into our cheeks!


Who wouldn’t feel like the CEO of the House while perched at the Adagio desk from Scott Thomas Furniture?  I think I would get paperwork done in a jiffy just to view the beautifully burled top!


Being chained to a desk, isn’t so bad if it’s going to be in a comfy chair.  The buttery, leather swivel chair, from the Seven Seas Collection – Hooker Furniture Company, makes for a softer landing.

A crystal lamp from Wildwood might bring those numbers into clearer focus.  Don’t like what your return is showing?  Turn off the light and enjoy this beautiful piece of desk sculpture!

Harlequin Amilie

I’m swooning over this gorgeous sofa fabric from Harlequin – Etienne toile pattern.  I’m hoping I won’t do the same after my accountant gets back to me!  It would bring new meaning to the term, “fainting couch”.

Oh, and remember the part about keeping a little humor in the process?


A coffee table with a hand crank lets you take out your frustration on all of those defunct documents.  (Note of caution, check with your tax advisor, first!) Source

Well, I’m going to log off to get ready for the accountant’s visit.  I’ve got to place a bottle of aspirin and a box of Kleenex on a pretty little tray.  I’m not sure who’s going to need which one, first!

 All My Best

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