Friday, January 27, 2012

Snapshots: An Interior Design Project Process

I would love to have the time to sit down for a nice fireside chat . . .  Oh, and I do mean I would LOVE that!  Meanwhile, I’m going through a checklist and photos from a project with an impending deadline. 

You may remember me referring to the merry Cotswold-style project in Charlotte, NC


Every now and then, right in the middle of the city, there is a special enclave where you can be transported to another place and time.  Here’s a photo I took of the home on a misty/foggy day.  My clients and I worked on this project about ten years ago, when the home was constructed.  Brent Zande, of Zande Custom Homes, was their contractor and we’re so pleased he’s available for this go-round, too!  (Did I mention my clients had a “little” flood?  Mold is never a pretty addition to a home!)


(The landscape has been nicely developed around McMullen Creek, which runs across the property, below.  With the recent rains, it looks like a lovely fishing stream.  The creek, by the way, didn’t cause the flood.  A pesky water filter burst!) 

The gentleman of the home has claimed his spot on the screened porch off of the master bedroom.  As a busy attorney, it’s a welcome respite from an uptown office building.  Due to our southern heat and humidity, we want to allow him to enjoy it even more so.  The wall between the master bedroom and this small porch will be opened and it will become an airy sunroom/sitting space.  Brent coined the idea of an “inglenook”, which is a clever description of the concept.  Of course, the window walls will open on the days a welcome breeze decides to visit.  While the term Man Cave is way up there on searches in Google, I think I like Wikipedia's alternate word – Mantuary, better.  This will be such a spot!


While all of that activity is getting ready to take place, the master bath will be getting a little enhancement from a new counter.  Back in the day, ten years ago, there were not as many selections available in stone.  This lovely piece of Crema Bordeaux has been marked for sinks and splashes.  The imbedded amethyst crystals play up a favorite color of the lady of the home.  I think it looks like a beautiful work of art inspired by their exterior view, don’t you?

Copy of IMG_6134 Closet Cropped

Here I am snapping a shot in the master closet before it’s to be gutted for some custom cabinetry.  I cropped the closet out because things are upside down with all of the work being done.  I promised my clients I would not do a reveal of that ‘before’!  (Yes, I’m a blue jeans gal on construction sites during brisk days.  No Manolos for me!) 

Measure Sheet - Planning

Since it had been a few years from the original construction, I took field measurements and laid out the areas as well as created detailed notes.  Sometimes measuring around furniture makes it a challenge so I wanted to be sure to check some of the details on the return visit. Measure twice, cut once is a good rule to follow.  I just won’t do a project without being allowed to get proper dimensions.  It’s the road map to keep things on course.

Tottenham- Planning

Here is the plan with a few less distractions and some furniture added to help me ponder the wall elevation. 


Remember this design concept from a previous post?  My clients were so happy they clapped when they saw it!  The wife said I should have just Photoshopped her husband in the chair, reading.  I love it when I hit one out of the ballpark!

1-8-12 016

Well, we almost had that fireside chat.  Come back in a few posts from now and I’ll be sure to share more “glowing” reports!

All My Best

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