Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Waiting For A Proposal

I’ve been working on some proposals for interior design projects.  Of course, we creatives would love to just get down to the process of creating.  It’s what we live for.  Negotiating projects isn’t nearly as fun.


I’m one of those creative types who also likes to make sure the management of a project is programmed into the mix.  That design has got to leap off of the page, somehow.  You can give someone the brush, the paints, and the palette, but without the artist and their mad skills, it’s just a pile of stuff.


Sometimes, in determining value, there are some obvious things to consider.  And . .  there are other important things, too.  (See above.)  Of course we all know that’s subject to change at the drop of a hat.


And, of course, while we can analyze something to death, it might be better to take certain aspects for face value.  I provide “x” and the compensation is “z”.  Plain and simple.

I wonder if there is somewhere, in a proposal, these immortal words could be added instead of “sign here” . . .

“Put a ring on it.”


The best is yet to be!

All My Best

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