Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaping Forward

So . . . not only is today in a Leap Year, it’s also on Leap Day, and it’s on the day of the work week which bridges those days from the beginning to the end.  Leaping Lizards!  That’s something to think about.

 <br />	Today is the “leap day" and only falls on the calendar once every four years.<br />

(Image via New York Daily News)

In my recent newsletter, I shared some thoughts:

“With the arrival of spring fast approaching, the irony of being in a Leap Year has settled in as I type.  February seems to be bounding right along and the lion winds of seasonal change are roaring past my windows.  The good news?  The extra day will help us to stretch the calendar a bit.  A gift of priceless time!”

I asked:  “What will you do with that extra 24 hours?” 

Just think of it . . . 24 whole extra hours – all wrapped up!

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(Image via a Spoonful of Sugar Designs)

May your day be . . .

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Whatever your plans, make every second count!

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