Friday, February 17, 2012

Trend Report: Translating Cultural Design Influences

During a recent side trip to my local antiques fair, I knew I had stumbled upon some ancient treasures which have been popping up in au courant interiors!  In fact, a recent email from the folks at the High Point Furniture market shared Four Trends on the Horizon in 2012 and this was one of their picks:

Cultural influence
”Inspired by global trends, 2012's patterns and motifs blend the texture and color of old-world looks with modern decor. Textiles are inspired by temples in Thailand, while rugs feature Moorish motifs and Moroccan patterning. Also look for African kuba cloths, Central Asian suzani prints, ikats, Scandinavian designs, intricate Indian handiwork and Chinese medallions, lotus blooms and anything dragon-related. The ethnic trend also finds inspiration close to home, as Native American dream-catchers, feathers and tribal patterns influence decoration and print.”


(I just had to photograph these gorgeous textiles, at the show.  Every stitch was done by hand.)

As I perused through the textiles and artifacts the dealer had lovingly collected during a period he lived and traveled through India, he shared how he skipped the “typical tourist” spots, and went deep into the countryside, to not only find the better pieces, but to gain the cultural experience.  The idea of many hands touching and creating each piece, as opposed to machinery, made the experience richer.


(This is actually a game piece, draped on top of other crewel-stitched borders.  I kept thinking of how I could incorporate these beauties into an interior.  Ideas were brewing!)

The concept of mixing these intricate designs can be a little daunting for many.  There are a few simple tricks to prevent a room from looking as if you brought home a whole bazaar or marketplace.  If your design style leans towards clean, modern lines, just a few layers can add pops of interest or depth.  Let the crafting of cultures be the focal point.

Incorporating Cultural Influences


(A great collage of cultural design from HomeShoppingSpy)

If you love to travel and tend to tuck away pieces from your ventures, this design influence will definitely speak to you!  No translation needed!

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