Saturday, March 31, 2012

Interior Design Question: Can Design Advice = Botox?

So . . . this morning as I was applying the daily dose of “spackle” to my face – aka – makeup, my mind wandered off to quick fixes for the inherited dark circles under my eyes.  (You know, the kind that make you look as if a good night’s sleep has been out of reach for months?)  I absolutely know they came from my mother’s side of the family.  We’ve long been aficionados of concealers and make-up tricks!  I know that going under the knife might ultimately be the only real solution, but of course, wouldn’t I love a painless and quick fix solution?


(Botox injections range $450 to $500 per injection and last about six months.  Several injection sites could add up to $2,000.  If done twice a year - times five years, that equals $20,000.  A good facelift can last up to ten years and averages about $25,000 – depending on if you do the full face – eyes, etc.  So, you may get an even better return because it’s not just spot treating.)

How on earth did I segue from my morning wandering of the mind into an interior design post – you might ask?  It occurred to me, when I get calls from folks who just want a “little design” advice, it’s a bit like having them ask for a shot of Botox in the hope they can get a fast fix to an interior issue which goes deeper than the surface.  And . . . the solution may only be a temporary one and will have to be redone every so many months.

FSTP_330x370 pink-wilted-flowers-blog-picture-wilted-hope-is-she-wrong-to-dream

(Beauty can be fleeting.  Great design is forever!)

In my design practice, I’ve discovered, while placing some “pretty” elements in a room might bring an initial delight, if the underlying issues aren’t addressed, that glow wears off pretty quickly.

The question becomes . . . Is a long term solution a better way to invest your design dollars or would you prefer to purchase incremental, temporary design fixes?

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