Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pennies & Pearls

Thirty years ago, it rained on my wedding day.  I remember fretting about making the outdoor passage from the church’s side hall to the narthex, without staining my satin gown.  I was getting married in the Episcopal church where I was christened and where my father attended services from boyhood to his adult years.  I was confirmed in the Lutheran church, as that was my mother’s denomination, and we’ve always had a good chuckle about me being the child who kept the spiritual peace between the two.

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Meanwhile, back to the rain.  My father assured me not to consider it to be a bad omen and that I should think of the rain as being ‘pennies from heaven’. 


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I remember how he loved the song.  Now, I have an even better appreciation for the words . . . “Every time it rains, it rains . . . pennies from heaven” - “If you want the things you love, you've got to have showers.”  That song puts a smile on your face, even when you’re not sure you can muster one.

Supposedly, if one has been married for thirty years, the gift or commemoration should be pearls.  I think it symbolizes the wisdom a couple would have gained from being together for so many years.  I also like to think our relationship has become more “polished” . . . just as in the rough grain of sand being smoothed over with the pearly coating by the oyster.


My husband has asked what might be a special gift to me, on this momentous occasion.  After all of these years together, I think he’s been a mighty fine “umbrella”.  

But . . .  a few more *pearls* of wisdom would be welcome, too!  :)


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