Saturday, April 28, 2012

Design Photo Ops – High Point Market

I’m back from the High Point Furniture Market and what a market it was!  While going “undercover” to get a lot of work done, I still spent some time visiting with old friends, from far and wide.  There were a lot of new acquaintances made, too!  A market highlight of mine was to happen upon the immensely talented interior designer, Mary Douglas Drysdale.

I was strolling down Interhall, in the IHFC building, and as I turned towards a showroom, there she was!  Signature hair color and style!  When you’re at a big gathering, it’s easy to mix and mingle up to different attendees.  When a designer is in a showroom alone, you understand they may be in a moment of deep thought about their current projects.  Will something be a good fit for the client?  Is the style right?  Scale?  Etc, etc.  I was a little hesitant to interrupt any one of those sacred ponderings.

(Mary  Douglas Drysdale - I love this photo of Mary!)

Well, I guess you can figure out the rest of the story since I’m mentioning her in a post.  :)  She was absolutely a delight and enthusiastically shared her design inspirations and anecdotes with a generous fifteen minute chat.  (If you’re an interior designer on a mission, you understand that’s like hours in regular time.) 

Aside from her immense talent, I know why her clients have followed her for years.  She leaves no detail unturned – to include a kind follow-up note after our meeting.  A great reminder that the joys of life are often about the little things.

(Mary’s work is featured in this book from 1999 and the pages still hold timeless applications for today’s homes.)

So . . .  as I’m catching up from market and projects – even returning, (post market), to a showroom with a client in tow, I’ll pop in some shots I took at the market.  Just a few quick captions and I’ll share more in upcoming posts for this blog, as well as for Williams-Sonoma Designer Marketplace and Hooker Furniture Company.

(*Note:  While I do contribute interior design posts to other aforementioned industry entities, my trip to the High Point Market was sponsored by moi, so no favors are being called upon for my own blog.)


Depth and dimension at Nourison.


Tangerine touches at Thibaut.  (A fab new furniture line for them, by the way!)


Twists and turns at Elaine Smith.


Colorful collaborations at oomph.


Rings reigned at Port 68.


Plaid perfection in Tozai.


Happy hats at Wildwood.


Playful patterns at Hooker Furniture Company.


Cheerful chevron shown in Sam Moore.


Fine finishes in Pearson.

Can you believe these are just a few of the hundreds of photos I’ve taken?  And, of all things, I missed taking my own shot of Mary! 

That’s okay . . . some of the best images are captured in my memories.


Anne Lubner Designs said...

Lucky you to meet and chat with Mary Douglas Drysdale! She is one of my favorite designers also; the way she uses color and architecture is simply beautiful. I picture her as full of charm as you, Wanda!

Love what you photographed from High Point, so happy bright and beautiful. I must check out those products for a closer look!

April Elizabeth said...

These are beautiful finds Wanda. How wonderful too, to meet Mary Douglas Drysdale. Sounds like an amazing time all around.

Bruce Barone said...

Mary is stunning and genuine. I loved meeting her, and sitting with her and Leslie Carothers, at the WithIt Breakfast