Thursday, April 19, 2012

Does It Matter Where Your Furniture Is Made?

The countdown to my High Point Furniture Market visit has begun, and while I’m finalizing the sourcing list, it occurred to me how past references to foreign-made furniture lines brought a certain mystique or je ne sais quoi to my clients’ minds.  It must be the idea of a piece, being from a far-a-way land, sounding a bit more intriguing as stories are shared about interior acquisitions.

Now, it seems we’re a bit more focused on items created in our own backyard.  Perhaps it’s an influence of the economy or the desire to be a little “greener” in our process.  Whatever it might be, I understand ‘Trend USA’ will be receiving a greater emphasis at market.  For some of my fellow designers, who might be new to the market or who may have missed some showrooms along the way, I’m sharing some of my favorite upholstery lines, as well as the showroom locations. 

These are literally just a few and I’ll provide a market recap when I return:

Made In USA 1

Made In USA 2

Who is your favorite American manufacturer?  Please do tell!

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