Sunday, April 15, 2012

Undercover Assignment – High Point Furniture Market

I’ll bet my blog title captured your attention, didn’t it?  It sounds as if I’ll be donning my sunglasses and trench coat for a special assignment.  You could say it’s partly true as I’ll be stealthily zipping in and out of this spring’s High Point Furniture Market, without a lot of fanfare.


(Ingrid Bergman – 1946 - “Notorious” – A Hitchcock spy thriller.  Kind of liking this hat.)

You see, last market, I was one of the inaugural “Style Spotters”, selected by the High Point Market Authority, to take note of products I thought to be fashion forward in the world of interior design.  I took lots of photos and uploaded them to a special Pinterest page, while placing QR coded cards at the product’s location to showcase the selection.  It was great fun and while Pinterest wasn’t quite on every showrooms’ radar, at the time, I’m sure this year’s spotters will have a totally different experience.

 WHorton Pinterest

(My Pinterest High Point Market Board is still online.  Drop by for a visit, if you will!)

Along with the special assignment, I slipped in and out of the various showrooms, seminars and social gatherings.

IMG_4312  IMG_4432

Design Viewpoint Series                                       Jonathan CharlesThe Woodman Inn Pub

  IMG_4028 IMG_4264

Bruce Barone – Photographer & Friend                   Julie Bova’s gathering at Stanford Furniture

IMG_4336 IMG_4417

There was the Architectural Digest party.          Oh, and yes, there were the showrooms!

This market visit will be a bit more understated.  I’ll still be taking photos and I’ll be featuring some of my finds in upcoming blogs for Hooker Furniture Company and on my posts for Williams-Sonoma Designer Marketplace

I’m sure I’ll run into a few friends along the way and we’ll share a quick hug and a “how are you?”.  This time, though, I’m on a mission to spend more time sourcing and getting to know some new vendors to provide product for my clients.  Projects are popping and I’ve got to have my tools ready!

Pinned Image

(I think, along with comfy shoes, this bag will be a market must!)

Mmmm.  I’m thinking of a “Where’s Wanda?” game instead of “Where’s Waldo?”. 

Mainly because I’m not sure this is my best look!


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