Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fast Flower Arranging For Summer

Like most, I love the summer season for the relaxed approach we often take towards entertaining.  The dinner fare is lighter as the heat becomes heavier – and if you live in the south, as I do, the humidity can take your breath away!  Today’s post will be a bit more “easy, breezy” as I’m in full summer fun mode!

While I do love color, there is something to be said for the cool crispness of white and that certainly translates to flowers and their vessels.  Right now, my Gardenias are in full bloom – to the point the branches are bowing over with these luscious flowers!  Oh, the perfumed breezes I’m enjoying.


(Mmmm!  Gardenias are a favorite!  What’s the secret to keeping them in place?  Read on!)

This weekend, my sweet husband “happened” upon a tag sale . . . more than likely looking for some antique tools.  He found a lovely epergne for a ten spot and hoped I might enjoy it.  You see, epergnes are often thought of as pretty “fru-fru” and I’m trying to pull back on accumulating more stuff.


(Notice a different kind of “flower”, tucked in between?)

Often epergnes bring to mind a very fanciful centerpiece, either laden with fruits and sweets, or with little tubes to hold water to nourish the flowers placed within.  Mine is a simple, Fenton milk glass version in a hobnail pattern.

It looks pretty much like this:


Because the flower tubes are removable for cleaning, it can sometimes be a challenge to find them intact.  I think the hubby did a great job since mine is not missing any pieces and there are no chips or cracks.


Even when they’re empty, they almost look like delicate glass callas in bloom.


Here is the bottom of the bowl.  You can see where everything fits together.


It took a couple of dozen flowers to fill up my epergne.  I began tucking them around the base and then filled in between the glass flower tubes.  The last step was to fill those tubes with short stems until I achieved a rounded look. 

Fresh and easy.  Just like summer should be!

If you want to enjoy your home more throughout the seasons, drop me a line to find out more about my design services.  Believe it or not, it’s time to plan for holiday deadlines! 

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