Saturday, June 23, 2012

Trust – A Key Ingredient for Interior Design

Seth Godin doesn’t write about interior design, but today’s post has everything to do with an important element in the process.  Without it, the project is a bust.

“Where does trust come from?

Hint: it never comes from the good times and from the easy projects.

We trust people because they showed up when it wasn't convenient, because they told the truth when it was easier to lie and because they kept a promise when they could have gotten away with breaking it.

Every tough time and every pressured project is another opportunity to earn the trust of someone you care about.” ~ Seth Godin

Trust 3

Oh the stories I could tell you when behind-the-scenes of a project hasn’t been a pretty site . . .

The important message?  Before walls are opened up, without knowing what lurks behind . . .  Did you chose the right team? 

That’s where the trust comes in.

Design - where perfection is an ideal, tempered with reality, and my team strives to find the balance.  If this post resonated with you, drop me a line to find out more about my design services.  Believe it or not, it’s time to plan for holiday deadlines!

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