Thursday, July 26, 2012

Councill Press Release–Modern Influences

One of the great things about attending the High Point Market, as both a professional interior designer and a design blogger, is that I’m privy to some exciting post-market press releases regarding industry events and products.  I also love it when it’s a line for which I’m able to have trade privileges.  Talk about the best of both worlds!

I’ve been a bit more philosophical in my recent posts so it’s time to pull out some sleek and sexy!  Here are some of Councill’s latest introductions.  If you love modern, you’ll think these are pretty swoon-worthy!

(Kudos to Claire Wei, of Lennon & Associates, for the delightful narrations and photo captions.)


Contrast edge piping sets the foundation for the Ashton dining table. As a conversation starter, the graphic tabletop inlay welcomes configurations as leaf inserts adjust the
table’s length from 6 to 8 seats. The juxtaposition of the macassar ebony veneer top and stainless steel legs gives the discerning eye plenty of visual diversity. The Ashton
measures 76”-124” W, 30” H, 46” D.


Reinterpreted from Louis XI original in Art Deco styling, the Maurice plays with light-and-dark tones in a whimsical manner. Pristine white gloss lacquer envelops the frieze drawers, raised top, and tapered leg tips, all in a stunning swirled mahogany wood
veneer. Hardware handles, available in ivory, bronze, or nickel, add the perfect amount of glitz to the console table, measuring 70” W, 37” H, 16”D.



Influenced by the Ming Dynasty’s cultural elements, the Kangji – meaning ‘narrow table’ in Chinese – references classic forms, from the low mahogany tabletop to the C-curved legs with ‘horse hoof’ feet. Hand-painted black gloss adds a sleek, modern facet to the Asian
antique. The Kangji measures 51” W, 18” H, 35” D.


A timeless design silhouette is renovated with one of Councill’s signature colored lacquers. Bolstered by three squared, flared legs with a connecting bottom shelf, the black marbled tabletop adds dynamic opulence to the small-space friendly side table.
Revealing a tucked single drawer, the Gueridon measures 26” H, 18” diameter.


An ideal accompaniment to seating, the three-legged Tandy epitomizes the small-space appeal due to its mobility and size. Electric lime lacquer enhances the size, injecting a small pop of color to muted interiors. The Tandy measures 25.5” H, 24” diameter.


With its allusive Japanese styling and rich Brazilian rosewood cantilevered top, the Kylie console table harmoniously merges minimalism with refined elegance. Its narrow depth is ideal for small spaces while the extended tabletop provides extra shelf space for entertaining and displays.  The Kylie measures 76” W, 34” H, 14” D.


A Serpentine desk is outfitted with a Hermes orange leather top and macassar ebony veneer. The juxtaposition of a smooth veneer with a pebbled leather top is intentionally created to break surface uniformity commonly present in writing desks.
Shallow but deep, three tucked-away drawers provide enough storage for the cleanliness enthusiast. Available in any leather color and wood finish, the Sydney measures 62” W, 30” H, 31” D.


Some pieces are the point of inspiration for the room’s final destination.

Design - where perfection is an ideal, tempered with reality, and my team strives to find the balance.  If this post resonated with you, drop me a line to find out more about my design services.  Believe it or not, it’s time to plan for holiday deadlines!

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