Friday, July 20, 2012

Why Beauty Must Prevail –Especially In Our Times

It’s a very stormy day, as I’m typing this post.  The lights are flickering a bit, so I hope I’ll be able to finish.  Perhaps it’s spurring me on to share my thoughts as they are resonating so deeply.

I’ve just read about the most recent mass shooting in Colorado and my heart is most certainly sad in this time of tragedy.  It seems as if we’ve had our share of trials since 911.  And then . . . the economy and the political divides.  So many things that could weigh us down.  It would seem that any any interior design blog post might be considered so frivolous in comparison.

Angel Statue (Larmes) - Paris

But . . . in looking back through hundreds of years of time, beauty has still prevailed, even in the darkest of hours.  In fact, it’s provided hope for many who may not have held onto it . . . something left of which to be inspired.  I’m not speaking of material things, but rather the idea of having the comfort of a place, or a vision, which provides a sense of nurturing and calm in the times where life can truly tilt us on our axis.

Angel Statue (Petite) by Tiquetonne2067, via Flickr

I’ve seen it happen firsthand.  A client, who lost her husband, shared that her home brings her such joy and peace.  A resident, in our local community shelter, told me that a change of paint allowed him to feel a sense of calm, after a hard day trying to gain traction back into the working world.  Another client feels better because her home is much more organized and the clearing of clutter allows for a better function of her family unit.  I’ve seen it in the eyes of a husband, whose wife survived cancer, that he could construct an amazing home where the family can come to celebrate life, year after year.

Angel Statue at Union Station

I suppose I remind myself of these stories as an affirmation, of sorts, that beauty still does make a difference – and that my work isn’t frivolous.  Even when the ugliest of times do happen, we still have to share our gifts.

squirrel asleep in the arms of an angel statue

Let’s never take even the smallest moments of it for granted.

All my best – with prayers ~ Wanda

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