Monday, August 20, 2012

Goofed up your interior’s project? No “I told you so’s” here!

I lost my good pair of “seeing” glasses somewhere between a restaurant and multi-tasking while walking in the door, last Friday.  For weeks I’ve been thinking I should get a back-up pair but rationalizing about the extra cost . . . Well, they went to the bottom of the to-do list. I do love some pretty designer frames, you know. (wink)

I called the optical shop to tell them I was on my way in to get these ordered with “stat” status in mind.  Gave the optician my whole “woe is me” story about having to use my very old pair with the scratched-up lens and crooked arms and not putting my best fashion-foot-forward, etc., etc. 

(A great pair of glasses gives me a “Jackie O” moment.  My old pair?  Let’s just say I don’t enjoy flying my geek flag!)

The comeback?  “Well, it always seems people have to learn their lessons the hard way.  Why don’t they buy a second pair when I tell them?”

ten ten ten!!!

Counting to a silent ten, I responded, “I really came to you for help and not a reminder of what I already know, thank you.”  (Yes, this had not been my stellar week.  Rather than feeling as if I had conquered the world, it was more of a being “fed to the lions” kind of few days.)

Aside from biting my already tense tongue, I took a little lesson away from this whole experience.  (Okay, make it a couple of them.) 


It made me think about how hard it has to be for someone to call an interior designer for help, after they made some decisions which might not have been the best call for their home’s interior solutions.  I sure know it’s hard to hear that it might cost even more money for a fix-it or even a complete overhaul.  If we’re all honest, most of us have been in those shoes, at some time or the other.

I told you so

I also thought about how easily quickly we make buying decisions, based on our “gotta-have-it-now” mentality.  Stress and hurry never makes a good combination for an optimal result.  (I think that’s why said glasses are MIA.  Waaaay too much on my mind and it was a multitasking fail!)

patience, patience and more patience.

So . . . if your home has been missing a pep in its step and you’re suffering through putting off calling a design professional, I promise I’ll hold back on the eye rolls and the “I told you so’s”.

Just as long as you have more realistic expectations than this:

Mr. Fix-It

Oh, and by the way, not only did I pick out a new pair of Coach frames, I did my due diligence with a fun back-up pair from BeBe.  (Rumor has it some Kate Spades are on their way to the shop!)  What can I say?  I’m a forgiving soul.  The optician realized it wasn’t the best day for reprimands and we had a grand time with the selections process! 

I think we both learned something that day.

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