Friday, August 31, 2012

Once In A Blue Moon

It may seem that my frequency of posts has reached a “once in a blue moon status”, as I’ve missed regular chats with you - what with the summer season, design projects, and writing for others.  I suppose I’ve been drawn a bit more toward the actual activity of design, as opposed to writing about it.  Of course, since you can’t see what design inspirations have been whirring around in my head, I should share more of it . . . as well as the end results!

What could be more fitting for a moonstruck evening than a dreamy dining room in blue?


Although this dining room project began pre-spring of 2012, it took us a little while to determine the final selections and to receive some of the special orders.  (Our marvelous decorative artist was also on maternity leave!)  We’re waiting for two arms chairs to arrive and it will soon be time to put the finishing touches in place. 

Some clients like to have the “big reveal” and others like to see the room develop.  This client is one who loves watching the layers build.  We just installed the fabulous drapery panels, this week.


A close-up of the walls.  Over the moon on this finish!


This is the wood of which fine furniture is made.  Look at the beautiful banding details.  (The mottling is just the reflection of the chandelier.)  Prior to window treatments being installed.  The shutters were a lovely addition for light control and privacy, but the room needed that extra draping of deliciousness!

 DR Concept Rendering

The initial room concept helped my clients give the project a thumb’s up.  (Table and chairs by Harden Furniture.)

Harden Fabric 5604-60

Chair fabric detail.


Rock crystal chandelier.  This is even more gorgeous in person and I think it’s the crowning glory!

Deets DR - Before

We had a great starting point . . . a gorgeous rug.  The scale of the room is so generous and begged to be made into a more intimate setting.  Usually, most folks think a warm wall color could do the trick.  In this case, my client wanted it to be very soft and relaxing and she had lived with the previous homeowner’s palette long enough. 

With all of the wall space, it would have been easy to fill it with massive wall décor.  The wainscoting already created a “box-like” effect and I didn’t want to place additional rectangular forms. 

The solution? . . .

Copy of IMG_7892

A larger-scaled pattern in a reflective finish.  We selected a luster stone base and had a custom stencil designed for the champagne, metallic glow.  (Photo of the work in progress, as evidenced by the drop cloth.)

IMG_8600 - Copy

We’ll be way ahead of schedule for the holiday entertaining season!  Just a few more touches, some professional photography and the website will be updated.  (Oh, and I should share we’ve also got some other spaces under way for the big reveal!)

I can’t say I’ll be posting more frequently, as the docket is pretty full, but I do promise I won’t wait until the next full moon!  (And I sure hope to hear from you, too.  The comments section has been lonely!)

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Jaime Berg said...

I love the wall treatment!

Jaime Berg said...

I love the wall treatment!