Monday, September 24, 2012

A Kitchen Journey–Finishing the “Cake”

This week’s projects will be all about the finishing touches!  There’s nothing like putting the icing on a cake to bring a project into focus.  Speaking of which, I’m in major need of getting some of these spaces professionally photographed for portfolio updates, too.  Nothing like a sense of urgency from both the client and the designer to make that happen!

(image:  Savory Sweet Life)

I’m going to make a confession which may rock the philosophy of the design world . . .  but some cakes take a bit longer to bake and it might be a while before the icing gets put into play.  I know some of you may think the cake will go stale and not be worth the extra effort but I’m a believer that said cake can be chilled or “frozen” for later, if the key ingredients make it delicious enough to do so.  Stay with me on this one if you’re feeling a little lost!

A couple of years ago, a young couple asked me to help them with updates in their home.  For the budget’s sake, I usually try to focus on one space at a time to come to a finishing point before moving on.  It does give a better sense of satisfaction.  In this case, there were major updates to be done in a kitchen and a lower level bath.  Not easy weekend DIY projects, for sure!  We had to decide if we could add the layers and determined we would have to come back to them, due to the other investments . . . window treatments and accessories being some of them.

I’m happy to report, we made that a recent priority and we’re now planning on one more pass of pieces.  Perhaps a basket under the refinished console table and a soft “something” near the new lamp.


The shot below, is an “almost after”.  We were able to finish up the kitchen but the window treatments, left by a previous homeowner, really had lived out their welcome.  Notice the difference the panels made?   (And the light filtering and texture of the woven shades, too.)  It was important for us to set aside a generous enough budget to do the right thing with these windows.


You can see where the kitchen project began.  Very nice maple cabinets, albeit a bit “orange” with the clients love of her golden wall tones.  Black appliances popped in a not so wonderful way.  The peninsula needed some personalization.

Deets Island Bar

Applied molding and corbels, along with a custom finish, made all of the difference, don’t you think?





Another area needed some modification to allow for a new fridge and custom look by jockeying the cabinet tops.  You can see the progression of the process.  Definitely time to get pro shots, now that this has been finished!


Deets - Cabinet Perspective


I loved how we looked into the future while keeping the “cake” ready for it’s future embellishments!

Now off to create more batter!  It’s time to bake!

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