Monday, September 10, 2012

Designing From a Distance: A Combination of Wires and Tires

So . . . having landed back at the desk after making an end-of-the week trip, I’m finding my brain cells are bursting with design concepts and interior innovations.  I don’t know about you, but when I’m rolling along the road, I often have some of my best think-tank time.


On a misty, Saturday morning, while tooling down the new 540 outer belt, (on the way to see a client in Cary, NC), I just had to snap this phone shot of what seemed to be a deserted highway.  (Okay, I know it sounds risky but as you can see, no other cars were even near me!) 

Having left behind all of last week’s DNC traffic, in the Charlotte area, it was almost surreal!  Alas, I figured out it was a toll road so only those of us on a stealth mission must have decided to take it.  That’s okay . . . it was like being “Queen of the Highway” for a day!

Payunk Home Facade

(The Cary Project, just prior to completion, back in the late spring.)

So, back to the road trip . . . Some lovely clients, for whom I had originally created a home in the Charlotte area, had relocated to Arizona about ten years ago.  It’s always so sad to see folks move away because I tend to form attachments to my peeps!  Meanwhile, fast forward some time . . . (Time does tend to fast forward, doesn’t it?) . . . and now they’re back in NC!  You can imagine my delight to be asked to come to help them with their new home.  Honored is definitely the word which springs to mind.


(This tile is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S in the kitchen backsplash! Can’t wait to show you better photos when the big reveal is ready.  This is a shot taken while we were at the tile store – meaning it’s a disclaimer to say the granite in the photo is not in her kitchen.  Aren’t you relieved?!)


(Maybe I can share just a little peek of the installation.  This doesn’t even do it justice!)


(Here’s a shot of one of her delicious stone counters.)

We initially met to get the house through the completion of construction and my clients held their breath for the Arizona property to sell, (which it did), plus - they had to plan for a cross-country move, take care of school enrollment, and settle into new work environments.  Whew!  That’s a lot of adjustment in a few short months.  Now that the dust has literally settled, they’re anxious to create a more permanent nest.  Happily, that’s where I’m back in the equation!

Back to the brain buzz.  I can hardly wait to download photos and notes to work on design concept proposals, solve some space function dilemmas, and play in what I fondly refer to as my “box of Crayolas” to pull palettes together.  (This is not necessarily the order of things – reference back to the “brain buzz” comment.  Circuits are rapidly firing at once!)


(We’re happy to report we still love her dining room rug, just as much as we did ten years ago, and it will be the catalyst for pulling their color scheme together throughout the first floor.  We’re going to give it a very different twist, though.)


(Maybe something like this fixture from Fine Arts?  It’s a bit of an investment but since it’s near the entry and my client wants it to say “WOW” when you enter . . .?)

I’ve often been asked if I would ever considering doing “distance” design projects, being that there are more and more interior designers working in a virtual world – aka – online design.  I suppose you could say I’ve already been taking a bit of a hybrid approach. 

Some of this project will be handled via emails, texts, and phone chats while some of it will require site visits and a personal touch, thus, the combination of “wires and tires”.  It certainly makes for a seamless transition when your clients feel you really “get them” and they allow you to stretch their imaginations. 

It’s as if the last ten years were only ten months and their daughter, who is now fourteen, would still be in preschool. (Insert sigh.)


(The new additions to the family also have a lot to say about how this house will be designed.  All three and five pounds of them!)

Stay tuned for more design travel adventures.  Next stop?  Greensboro, Georgia.  More clients are on the move!

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Southern Chateau said...

Looks like a fun project, Wanda! Love, love the tile and that chandelier! Don't you just love it when clients take us wherever they go?