Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sneak Peek–Charlotte Townhome Project

In the early summer, I began the process of updating a Charlotte area townhome for a client’s daughter.  Of course, it reminds me how quickly the years have passed!  As always, it’s a joy to be able to step into the next generations’ homes and to share a different twist on interiors.  My experience runs deep while my spirit is still young!

Being that the High Point Market is just around the corner, and while I would love to share lots of details, I’m going to have to have to challenge myself with editing.  (Insert a “ha, ha, ha” from my friends, here.)

All I can say is, I hope my client has the same heart palpitations as our design team has been experiencing!  When I walked in on Monday, this was the vision before me . . .


Here’s another look-see and I’m loving the color, the design . . . !


Pardon the dust and such but this custom built-in has made such a huge difference in the feeling one experiences when entering the main living area.  I’ll share some before’s so you, too, can witness the transformation.

Stout Kit 2

We began with reconfiguring some of the space.  The half wall between the living area and the kitchen island was originally intended to make the space feel larger, but the need for placing the TV up against it and the island on the other side, made for a less than perfect arrangement – visually and functionally.  Carpet in one area and sheet vinyl in the other also created a separation and chopped the flow.

Stout Kit 1

In order to give a feeling of height, the cabinets needed to be attached at the ceiling line.  We also concluded the half wall should be extended upward.  There was some initial concern about how that might impact the open feeling.  I think it actually improves the architecture.  We’re adding cove molding and a top plate to crown the walls.  (More to come on that.)


We’re not finished . . . but . . . WOW!  We got rid of the island and a cupboard will actually provide better storage.  The island really only offered an odd corner cabinet.  The base is a bit covered up in the photo but you can see the direction, below.


The counters will be this . . .


Gorgeous butcher block will receive a little enhancement from some walnut stain.

SW6165 Connected Gray

(Accent color.)


And we’re working on upholstering all of her seating, along with new window treatments, while adding fun, vintage accents!  My client is a young professional and she wanted to combine elements that were both clean and fun.  We hope to use some prints, from her grandmother, while bringing in the trend of gray and yellow.

Stout Birds 3


We scoured a local antiques mall to bring in elements of the 1950’s and ‘60’s.

All mixed with a modern twist.

image (Foyer Fixture)



(A vintage Saarinen table.  Would love it to be a 54” size.) 

I guess it’s a good thing I’m an interior designer.  I think my days as a journalistic editor might be numbered!  Well, truly, I’ve just shared tidbits with you.  I think this could be a “novel approach” to an interiors’ story.  Thanks to my clients for letting me to help pen it!

Design - where perfection is an ideal, tempered with reality, and my team strives to find the balance. If this post resonated with you, drop me a line to find out more about my design services. Now booking into 2013!

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