Monday, December 3, 2012

Gracious Giving–Day 3: Time for Self-Care

As I’ve been putting together this series, I decided not to try to create any particular hierarchy of importance.  Folks have so many different interests and priorities when it comes to giving something of themselves to others and I’m also just sharing things as they come to me. 


Self-care might not even be on your radar, much less near the top of the list.  (And maybe it should really have been #1!)   You see, we think when we speak of giving, it’s usually about to others and not to ourselves. 


(Just one of the lists for most women.  The fellows can insert similar roles, too!)

Now, I’m not talking about the old, “One-for-them and one-for-me” shopping expedition; although, if you tend to never treat yourself to a little surcie now and then, by all means, give yourself a little “something-something” for being good.

An Absolute must, self care and spa on!!!

If you find it’s difficult to wear all of your hats and eek out a spot on your calendar, then buddy up with a friend or family member to swap out some time.  Let them take care of some holiday errands while you schedule a massage or even just a few hours to read your favorite book.  Be sure to do the same for them.   


It’s okay to give a little something to yourself.  Everyone else will receive a lot more in return!

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