Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gracious Giving–Day 5: Puppy Love For Life

I’m sure Santa has received many a letter, from every good girl and boy, for a puppy to magically appear under the tree.  Just picture that sweet face and soulful eyes, ready to leap forward, tail wagging and puppy kisses abounding.


(Okay, let’s all say, “awwww!)

I’m not here to throw a wet blanket over this darling image . . . but . . . I also know, there are many reasons to not only check that Christmas list twice, but to also think twice before heading off to the pet store or a breeder to purchase the little guy or gal.  Emotion can be the main reason for making the purchase without considering the long-term commitment, including all of the training, vetting, and everything else that comes along with the responsibility.  (Sorry for the soapbox moment, but there are way too many owner surrenders when the family puppy is no longer “convenient”.  The shelters don’t hold these for adoption, very long, either!)

Freckles Profile

(Our sweet boy, Freckles, always seems to have a wet, matted ear. His brother loves to lick it like a lollipop.  We know it’s weird but it’s just his thing!)


(Huh?  You think I slimed Freckles’ ears?  Do I look guilty?  - says the not-so-innocent Magnum.)

You probably have an inkling that this post is about animal rescue, a subject near and dear to my heart.  We adopted a bonded pair of sibling dachshunds, very shortly after our sweet Wally, (also a dachshund), passed away.  We had Wally, since he was a tiny pup, and wondered what it might be like to begin with adult dogs.  Puppies are so sweet and loveable.  Would we feel as if we had missed that stage?  These boys were already four and were ready to settle into “middle age”.  Let me just say this:  They are the loves or our lives!  And even though they were older, because they came from rescue, we feel as if we’ve shared a lot of wonderful “firsts” together!


(I think this is definitely worth another huge “awwwww”, don’t you?  Nothing like a bunch of snuggle bunnies!)

As usual, I digress and I need to get to the point of the “Gracious Giving” caption.  While I might love to have a whole passel of doxies running all over the house, I know there are many rescue groups who need funding in order to continue saving lives, getting the pups healthy again, and finding great homes.  There is one group, in particular, Carolina Loving Hound Rescue, that I follow on Facebook, as they are so dedicated to pulling animals, not just because of the cute factor, but they deal with some not-so-pretty cases which often get overlooked in the shelters.  The endings for many of these stories; however, are often quite beautiful.  And humorous, and heart-warming. 


(There are hounds of many sizes!  Dachshunds, Beagles, Tennessee Walker Coonhounds, Tickhounds – you name it, they abound with hounds!)

Angela and her husband, Mark, have formed what they fondly refer to as “Casa Loving”.  You can tell it’s not just a name, it’s a way of life.  You have to subscribe to her Facebook page.  There will be laughter and a few tears.  Mostly tears of joy when each fur baby finds its “forever home”.  I can’t even begin to tell you all about it, in one post.  There are also other wonderful fosters, who team up with Angela and Mark.  I’m always in awe of their energy!


Oh, and there are most certainly puppies!  Recently, they rescued a litter of sweet, baby beagles.  CHLR has developed not only a community of followers, but they offer the ability to name these babies, (adults, too), with each vetting sponsorship. 

mag and freck

(Our first sighting of our babies, online, six years ago.  Freckles was so shy, at first.  Now he’s never met a stranger.  I think his ear had been “groomed” by his brother, in this pic.  Some things never change!)

If all of this is giving you an uncontrollable case of the warm fuzzies, just think of what it would do if you offered up a little donation towards helping them find a permanent home.  Or if you’re not sure if “forever and ever” might be for you, offer to do a temporary foster stint.  CHLR always is in need of transitional housing and care.  They also adopt anywhere they can make a home visit or find transportation.  (And you DO have to fill out papers for either foster care or adoption, with some good, old-fashioned scrutiny from Angela.  She’s not going to hand these sweeties off to just anyone.  They deserve the best!)


Thanks for considering some Gracious Giving to Carolina Loving Hound Rescue.  There will be some tales wagging in your honor!

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sewmuch1500 said...

Wanda, thanks for this post. I too get on my soapbox about people making bad decisions when it comes to getting a pet. They're not disposable but you would think that the way they are treated by a lot of people. Our Shih Tzu is a rescue and I can't imagine life without him. He was supposed to be my daughter's dog but you know how that goes. He's my constant companion. I support rescue groups in my local area. One such group is currently holding an auction on Facebook. So far, I'm the winning bidder on an item I don't even need but I want to support this group. How bad is that?