Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gracious Giving–Day 8: Send A Note

As easy as it is to push “send” or type a quick text, there’s nothing more special than being the recipient of a handwritten note. 


(So much lovelier than an email!  Couture stationary from Write Robinson.  Aptly named “Sunday Morning Coffee”.  The perfect time to share your thoughts on paper.)

This isn’t a uniquely brilliant or new idea . . . but it seems we’ve gotten used to technology providing most means of communication.  Remember the days when scents were lightly sprinkled over a note before they were tucked in an envelope?  Okay, perhaps not that far back but how lovely it would be to receive a little essence of your special someone’s favorite fragrance, yes?


(Ah, Shalimar, memories of my youth!  A touch of a scent cements memories forever.)


The finishing touches show you care.  A wax seal protects the contents with a touch of personalization.  There are so many beautiful colors.  This pearlized blue is magical!  (Nostalgic Impressions)


(David Oscarson Writing Instrument – A work of art, in itself.)

Anything that provides the gift of thought and time supersedes most everything else, in my book. 

Now, off to practice what I’m prescribing!

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