Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gracious Giving–Day 9: Greeting Cards for a Special Someone

This might seem to be a little overlap from yesterday’s post but I promise there’s a different twist!

By now, your holiday cards may be on Santa’s sleigh or you may be scurrying to get them signed, sealed and delivered.


While you’re addressing those Christmas/New Year/Holiday cards, pull out an extra few to send to a total stranger or to someone who may not be on your regular list! 


You see, there are folks who may be in nursing homes, homeless shelters, or the quiet, single person or family-who-just-moved-into-town and who would just be thrilled to receive the joy of having a card addressed just to them.  They may be disconnected from family members or may not have any family at all. 


(All of the cards, above, can be found on Etsy at:  Wiley Valentine)

Christmas can be an isolating time of year, for some.  A simple card can be a reminder that they are not alone.


(Via Dancing Pen and PressEtsy)

If you happen to read my blog and live in the Union County area of North Carolina, or even if you’re from parts far away, it would be amazing if you could help to blanket the Union County Community Shelter with a little love and cheer with a card.  The residents do change, from time-to-time, but if you can leave the recipient blank, I’m sure the staff will be sure to distribute them among the clients.  An encouraging message would be so beautiful!

Here is the way to address the cards:

Shelter Resident Holiday Greeting
Union County Community Shelter
311 East Jefferson Street
Monroe, North Carolina  28112-4825
(Please do not include a donation in the card.  Go to their website for that.) 

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