Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gracious Giving–Days 10 and 11: Make It Easy, Keep It Simple–Silly

Oh, I can see keeping up with a month of Gracious Giving posts may be a challenge!  It’s not that there aren’t a lot of ideas for providing the giving, it’s all about the time!

Which brings me to today’s “two-fer” post.  (Is it okay with you if I make up for a missed day?  Thought so!)


(Tucked in a sprig of greens and some preserved thistle for warmth and texture in my client’s collection of majolica.  Simple touches are often the best.)

I know we speak a lot about keeping things simple.  The old K-I-S-S method should be a way of life.  Of course, we’re only human and we try to think of fifty ways to Sunday how to create extra work.  Maybe we have too many choices and become paralyzed.  Maybe it’s from trying to be perfect.  (I suffer from that affliction.)  Somehow, we seem to apologize if it doesn’t look as if we killed ourselves in order to make the holiday season look as if it popped from the pages of a magazine.


(By using what you have, it saves a trip out into the last-minute crowds.  No greenery in your yard?  Ask a neighbor for a snippet or two.)

So, give the gift of simplicity, this season.  Give it with ease and serenity.  No apologies needed.  Gracious Giving at its best!

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