Friday, December 28, 2012

Making Way for the New Year!

I’m dropping by for a post, while I’m still “officially” on hiatus until mid January.  I’ve never allowed myself this huge luxury of time “off” from my regular work routine and I must admit, the idea made me a little anxious.  You see, I think if you’re a small business owner, you feel the need to be always ‘on’ and accessible. 

Most days I feel like this could be me . . . Lucy with her vim and vigor from all of that Vitameatavegamin!


Of course, there are a few days when Her Royal Highness of Crankiness decides to reign . . .


Thankfully she only appears on a rare occasion.  Mostly when a lack of rest or feeling the scales of balance tipping off kilter - when things are out of sorts.  She also lets me know when my “fun quota” has not been met.

Lately, the ‘Princess’ told me she thought I needed to pay a little more attention to her nudging's.  She shared that I was missing the boat on all of the above!  (Yes, she’s a bit nervy at times!)


I did take her for her word, today, and sent some excess baggage packing.  (You see, when you have time off, the humor in life returns!) 

Interior designers tend to accumulate a lot of things, due to the nature of our businesses.  It can add up in a skinny minute and the next thing you know, the idea of a storage unit becomes very attractive. 


(Oh how I love the new introductions!  Then a few seasons go by and they’re replaced by the next one.  See how the stockpiles can happen?)

Not so attractive?  Having to climb through the stack of old samples and such to get to something needed.  How cathartic it was to see it go away!  (And not to mention the dollars wasted by holding on to things that might “one day” be useful.) 

IMG_8094 (768x1024)

A few previous showhouse items also went to the local consignment shop.  (A good tip for creating a little extra cash flow during the dull winter months!)

So, now it’s time to tackle the office.  This is definitely an inspiration image:


(Not just admiring the idea of the most neat and tidy office, this year. It WILL happen!)

I also made the decision, a few months ago, that it was time for some revamping of my services, as well as I needed to really take stock of some goals for 2013 and beyond.  I’ve been in the field of interior design, for over 30 years, and have had my own interiors firm for over 16 of those 30.  (I’m still pretty youthful . . . just very well-seasoned and sassy!)


So, for the next couple of weeks, I’m making way for uninterrupted time to focus on some important changes.  It’s a little scary but I think Mr. Einstein said it best . . .


Thanks for sharing your time with me, through all of the years of my blog and my interior design business!  I hope to see you in the New Year with some new ideas and interests!


And in the spirit of southern tradition . . . To your good health and wealth in the coming year!

All My Best

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